Letter | Larson Great Asset in Moving Forward Governing of City

Dear Editor, As a resident and business owner in Snoqualmie since 1999 I am very happy to endorse Joe Larson as Council Member.  Joe has an outstanding spirit of community.  I know him personally and our … [Read more...]

Letter | Councilmember: Passion, Motivation For Public Service to Improve Your Quality of Life

During this election season, we have discussed many important issues such as growth, traffic congestion, roads and downtown revitalization.  All of these topics have something in common.  They affect our … [Read more...]

Letter | Longtime Councilwoman Endorses Charles Peterson, Grateful for his History, Wisdom

Snoqualmie Residents, I am writing to encourage the citizens of Snoqualmie to re-elect Charles Peterson to the City Council. Charles has devoted his life to the service of this City and we are very fortunate … [Read more...]

Police Chief: YES on Prop 1, Best Starts for Kids, Investment in Safer, Stronger Communities

Dear Citizens, There is only one initiative on this year's ballot that is bringing together people from across the political spectrum and that's King County Proposition 1, know as Best Starts for Kids.  … [Read more...]

LETTER | Joe Larson is Passionate, Strong Advocate for Snoqualmie

Dear Editor, Joe Larson is passionate about Snoqualmie.  He serves our City and our Valley as a volunteer in several capacities, and now is the time to promote him to the position of Snoqualmie’s next City … [Read more...]

LETTER | Do We Need Another Larson?

Dear Editor, The sign on a pickup truck seen around Snoqualmie asks: Do You Need Another Larson in City Hall? Not only was it clever, it is thought-provoking. Do we? I know both candidates competing for the … [Read more...]

Letter | Thanks for Making Summer Food Band Programs a Success, September Launches Soup & Chili Drive

On behalf of the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank board and staff I would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in our Summer Programing.  The 10 weeks of summer were a buzz of activity and here … [Read more...]

City, Mayor Respond to Claims Construction Near Snoqualmie Falls Irresponsible, Say Tribe Never Claimed Area Sacred Burial Site During Years of Discussions

In response to a Letter published on September 1, 2015, claiming the bulldozing of trees for a roundabout construction near Snoqualmie Falls was "irresponsible and disrespectful" to the Snoqualmie Tribe, the … [Read more...]

Letter | Bulldozing Near Snoqualmie Falls Irresponsible, Disrespectful

Dear Editor, The Pacific Northwest is arguably one of the most beautiful places to live. With sprawling mountains, and evergreen capped hills as far as the eye can see, many looking for solace in nature settle … [Read more...]

LETTER | Internet Safety Forum Opened my Eyes, How Many Apps are on Your Child’s Phone?

Dear Snoqualmie Valley Parents, I was one of about 50 parents and 10 students who attended the Internet Safety Forum Tuesday night, March 12th, at Mt. Si High School. I walked away feeling very encouraged, … [Read more...]

LETTER | Support Boxley’s, Community Treasure Vital to Music Education in the Valley

Dear Friends, As you may or may not know, Boxley’s in downtown North Bend is not only a nice local restaurant, it is an incredible jazz club that is getting local, regional and national attention - both for … [Read more...]

Op-ed | Citizens Split on Fireworks Ban, Council Vote Will Leave Many in Disagreement

The personal use of fireworks has been a frequent topic of conversation for the Snoqualmie City Council. For the past seven months the Public Safety Committee has been discussing updates to the current … [Read more...]

LETTER | I’m in! Newcomer’s School Bond Conversion, from Concerns to Support

Dear Snoqualmie Valley, First of all, I would like to publicly thank school board member, Carolyn Simpson, for taking the time to speak with me personally in order to help me understand the complexity of our … [Read more...]

LETTERS | Eastside Firefighters Union, Snoqualmie Police Association Urge Yes Vote on SVSD School Bond

Dear Editor, Local Firefighters work hard to keep the Snoqualmie Valley community safe. This is why we feel that the safety and education resources for Snoqualmie Valley students are a high priority. We … [Read more...]

LETTER | Time to Make Investment in Our Kids’ Education, Prepare for Future Today

The Snoqualmie Valley School board has deliberated for the last two years over options to address the explosive growth of the Snoqualmie Valley and education needs of our next generation. In addition to that, … [Read more...]

LETTER | Muir Street Being Used as Speedway, Time for Speed Limit Signs

Dear Community Members, I would like to call out an issue with vehicular velocity on Muir St between Fairway and Douglas (Snoqualmie Ridge). I also want to give kudos to those who deserve them from the City of … [Read more...]

Op-ed | Road Rage Education: Learn from One Woman’s Experience on 202

This is a guest piece by Susan Casserd, who wanted to share what she learned after a recent road rage incident in the Snoqualmie Vally. With a lot of winding, dark local roads that change speed limit often, it … [Read more...]

LETTER | Veterans Day: Price, Sacrifice of War and Those that Serve

Dear Editor: During the past month I worked with staff and veterans at the American Lake VA Medical Center in Tacoma. Although it is important to reach out and honor our veterans every day, it is especially … [Read more...]

LETTER | Weather Halts Halloween Production, Doesn’t Damper Amazing Spirts

Dear Editor, Sometimes in shared adversity, we learn more about the people around us versus the good times. Last Friday night, in a new location for our production, Night on a Dark Trail, we were challenged … [Read more...]

LETTER | Student Response to Marysville-Pilchuck Shootings

In the wake of the shootings and tragic deaths at nearby Marysville Pilchuck High School, kids discussed; some worried; some admitted school shootings were a fear of going to high school. Someone responded … [Read more...]