Letter | Thank you from Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank

During this season of Thanksgiving I wanted to take a moment to extend our gratitude on behalf of the board and staff at Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank to You, our neighbor. Your support was witnessed by a … [Read more...]

LETTER: Initiative 732 would make Washington the first U.S. state with a carbon tax

Editor and Residents, Tomorrow we may be voting for carbon tax. It seems to me we would do this because we are very concerned about global warming and want a way to restrict our contribution to this … [Read more...]

Letter | Senator Mullet helped North Bend couple amend State registration laws

Dear Editor, As local citizens and small business owners, we want to share why we support Mark Mullet’s reelection to the State Senate for the Fifth Legislative District. Last year, we contacted … [Read more...]

Letter | Citizen Academy: up Close, one-of-a-kind Way to Learn about City

Dear Editor and Residents, I would like to cordially invite Snoqualmie residents and business owners to participate in the 2016 Annual Snoqualmie Citizens Academy. The Citizens Academy is a one-of-a-kind, … [Read more...]

Letter | Stop Ignoring Us! Mt. Si Road Residents Angry over DNR’s New Parking Lot

Dear Editor, When you look deeper you begin to understand why the residents of Mt Si Road are not happy about the DNR’s plan to add another 70 space parking lot near the end of their road. This community … [Read more...]

Letter | Food Bank Flourishes with Community Support, Continues Charge to End Hunger in Valley

Dear Neighbors, The Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank continues to flourish with the outstanding support from our community.  We lead the effort to feed, educate and advocate to end hunger in the Snoqualmie … [Read more...]

LETTER | Terrorism Concerns in Perspective, 6,000 times more likely to be Struck by Lightning

Dear Editor, In the wake of San Bernardino, it is clear from published citizen reactions that some Snoqualmie residents fear violence from their Muslim neighbors. But is that fear based on reason or … [Read more...]

Letter | Big Thank You from Elected Council Member

Dear Editor and Readers, I am honored by your support as I move into Position #5 on the North Bend City Council. While on this adventure, I met and befriended many new people and became even closer to … [Read more...]

Letter | Joe Larson Voice Uniquely his Own, Claims of ‘Nepotism’ a Red Herring

Dear Editor, The recent insinuation by some that Snoqualmie City Council candidate Joe Larson, should he be elected, will somehow be influenced by or receive preferential consideration by his brother … [Read more...]

Letter | Former Councilman: Peterson Voice of Reason, Trusted Steward of City Finances

Dear Editor, I Support Charles Peterson for Snoqualmie City Council It is very rare that a city has a citizen leader that is as accomplished, experienced and trusted as Charles Peterson.  Many of you know … [Read more...]

Night on a Dark Trail Huge Success, Raising Thousands for Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank

Dear Snoqualmie Valley Community, Zombies, Clowns, Morticia… oh my!   The Night on a Dark Trail (NOADT) celebrated its 5th year of production on October 9th and 17th.  It’s a true community event that engages … [Read more...]

Letter | Prejudice for Candidate not Sufficient Cause to Meddle in Electoral Process, Thwart Solid Opponent

Dear Editor, The October 24, 2015 letter submitted by select members of the Snoqualmie City Council is misleading.  My colleagues characterize themselves as simply mindful of the greater good and impartial … [Read more...]

Letter | Re-elect Councilman David Cook, Good Record of Maintaining North Bend’s Small Town Charm, Managing Growth Responsibly

My wife and I recently achieved a long-planned move from Snoqualmie Ridge where we had resided for eight years. We are now county residents just outside the North Bend city limits. Prior to our move, we … [Read more...]

Letter | Councilmembers Endorse Peterson, his Extensive Experience, Decisions for Greater Good

Snoqualmie Residents, As private citizens with experience as your Snoqualmie City Council Members, we are mindful of checks & balances inherent in our form of government and that we best serve our city … [Read more...]

Letter | Larson Great Asset in Moving Forward Governing of City

Dear Editor, As a resident and business owner in Snoqualmie since 1999 I am very happy to endorse Joe Larson as Council Member.  Joe has an outstanding spirit of community.  I know him personally and our … [Read more...]

Letter | Councilmember: Passion, Motivation For Public Service to Improve Your Quality of Life

During this election season, we have discussed many important issues such as growth, traffic congestion, roads and downtown revitalization.  All of these topics have something in common.  They affect our … [Read more...]

Letter | Longtime Councilwoman Endorses Charles Peterson, Grateful for his History, Wisdom

Snoqualmie Residents, I am writing to encourage the citizens of Snoqualmie to re-elect Charles Peterson to the City Council. Charles has devoted his life to the service of this City and we are very fortunate … [Read more...]

Police Chief: YES on Prop 1, Best Starts for Kids, Investment in Safer, Stronger Communities

Dear Citizens, There is only one initiative on this year's ballot that is bringing together people from across the political spectrum and that's King County Proposition 1, know as Best Starts for Kids.  … [Read more...]

LETTER | Joe Larson is Passionate, Strong Advocate for Snoqualmie

Dear Editor, Joe Larson is passionate about Snoqualmie.  He serves our City and our Valley as a volunteer in several capacities, and now is the time to promote him to the position of Snoqualmie’s next City … [Read more...]

LETTER | Do We Need Another Larson?

Dear Editor, The sign on a pickup truck seen around Snoqualmie asks: Do You Need Another Larson in City Hall? Not only was it clever, it is thought-provoking. Do we? I know both candidates competing for the … [Read more...]