Letter | Councilmember: Passion, Motivation For Public Service to Improve Your Quality of Life

During this election season, we have discussed many important issues such as growth, traffic congestion, roads and downtown revitalization.  All of these topics have something in common.  They affect our quality of life and how we feel about raising our families in North Bend.

My job as your city councilmember is to seek out and understand your specific concerns, whether you live in Silver Creek and worry about the Pickett extension or Tanner Road where only a small berm separates you from new development.  Leadership on the city council is about identifying the challenges we face and then bringing solutions to the table to solve those problems.

I have written extensively on the challenges our city faces today and I have laid-out my priorities for how I would solve them.   I work hard every day to be your advocate on the city council.  It doesn’t matter if it is a big citywide planning policy decision or simply passing on a request to clean your culvert, my passion and motivation for public service is to make your quality of life better, so you can stop worrying about issues and go about living, working and raising your families in peace and safety.

The politics of distraction are prevalent in all levels of our elections, even here in North Bend.  I think that leaders need to be disciplined and refrain from falling into these diversions.  Instead, we must remain focused and connected to our citizens and put sound plans and policies together to prepare for the future and create a positive outcome.

Citywide planning decisions are made through a long and well-established public process of public requests and applications, public and town hall meetings, planning commission review, hearing examination, council committee and work-study and then finally to city council review, public input, consideration, deliberation, debate and approval.

Every year, the city amends and updates sections of our comprehensive plan.  These updates go through a rigorous public process and your input and contribution is always encouraged.  As your city councilmember, I have always strived to be approachable and really listen to your concerns and solve problems that you care about.  Listening to you and prioritizing things that matter are essential to establishing good public policy.

The ballots have arrived in the mail and I am asking you for your vote this year.  I have a recognized passion for North Bend.  I am consistent and committed; having lived in the same small house downtown for 18 years, married for 14 years and raising two great kids.  My optimism for our small town has remained high through thick and thin.  I have been honored to serve as your representative and I humbly ask for your support to continue my service to you.


Thank you,

David Cook

North Bend City Council Position 5


election 2015


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  • I understand that the decision to re-zone Park Place to commercial has been made. The only public comment that I have been witness to has been against it. So tell me, what developer has convinced the council to make this change. What commercial property or business will be doing business on Park Palce? The must be a plan or the vote wouldn’t have been called. What pans have been made to allow homeowners to turn left out of our driveway with the inevitable increase in traffic?

  • Living Snoqualmie