LETTER | Muir Street Being Used as Speedway, Time for Speed Limit Signs

Dear Community Members,

I would like to call out an issue with vehicular velocity on Muir St between Fairway and Douglas (Snoqualmie Ridge). I also want to give kudos to those who Letter to Editordeserve them from the City of Snoqualmie and their quick reply and promise of action.

We need speed limit signs to be posted all along Muir Street between Fairway and Douglas. People are treating Muir St as a speedway.

We live right at the corners of Augusta, Muir and Fairway, and people commonly cut the corner pretty tightly and at speed when turning left from Fairway to Muir –  without consideration of pedestrians or other cars who turn right from Muir to Augusta or from Muir to Fairway.

Several times I personally have had to jam on the brakes when approaching Fairway from Muir, as a car turning left has cut across my lane, narrowly missing my front bumper. 

It’s not uncommon for people to be traveling [an estimated] 35 mph or more between Fairway and Douglas Streets. With the numbers of children who commonly use this route between parks to play, either along Muir or crossing Muir to take the bike trail to the Community Park, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets struck and hurt seriously.

This week I sent an email to the Snoqualmie Ridge ROA, City of Snoqualmie Clerk’s office and Snoqualmie Police regarding this issue. I received a response from the ROA and the City Clerk within 45 minutes. Ms. Warren and Mr. Dan Marcienko were excellent in their response, and each gave specific actions they would be taking to address this issue.

While it’s excellent that we have responsive public servants who take suggestions and feedback seriously enough to take action, the onus is still on those of us who live around and use Muir Street on a regular basis

Please remember that there are three different neighborhoods which feed onto Muir Street –  and each has a robust population of children. Additionally the homes on the south side of Fairway to the east of Muir have easy pedestrian access to Muir – and children pass back and forth between the neighborhoods freely and regularly.

Even though there are no speed limit signs posted yet, all the streets in Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhoods have an implicit 25 mph speed limit. You can and will be pulled over for speeding if you are going faster than that.

Be aware of your kids and your neighbors’ kids –  and please drive responsibly.

Thank You,

Rober Svilpa, Snoqualmie resident

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  • So glad this letter was written. I can’t tell you how many times I have been almost hit by a car while I was in the crosswalk. Just please pay attention and slow down.

  • I wish signs would help!. We are on a SIGNED 25mph street in North Bend. Police have clocked folks up to 80 mph. It never ends. New officers have placed the portable speed tracker.. it helps.. where the tracker is. I am often stymied why car pool Mothers, vans full of children, Men and others going to work. or home.. and have no consideration of safety for their neighbors. .not just the speed but the noise that many cars and huge trucks. .tractor trailers… rental companies with huge pieces of equipment. .etc. etc. It is pretty much like many more things that go on these days. No consideration for neighbors. .etc. .speeding is epidemic..

  • About 3 or 4 well placed speed bumps/humps would work well to slow people down through there, way better than a speed limit sign. I think it would really benefit to have some speed bumps on Fairway and Douglas, too. So many people walking and riding bikes around the neighborhood it is time to slow the increasing number of drivers down!

  • My wife and I talk about it regularly – someone pretty much always on your bumper when driving in the Ridge and the high speeds we regularly see. I agree – it is only a matter of time before high speed takes a life in the Ridge. The posted speed limits are summarily ignored and I don’t think signs will make a difference. Speed bumps would help but are a nuisance to all. I’m sure police resources are limited but why no speed traps? I haven’t seen one in years with the exception maybe being the Parkway. Sad to say it but the way to make people pay attention is hit them in the pocketbook.

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