LETTER | Weather Halts Halloween Production, Doesn’t Damper Amazing Spirts

Dear Editor,

Sometimes in shared adversity, we learn more about the people around us versus the good times.

Last Friday night, in a new location for our production, Night on a Dark Trail, we were challenged by heavy winds and driving rain. The misery index was high.  Instead of complaining, the cast was saddened that we had to cancel for Saturday and facing that outcome, said thank you for involving me in this production and it will be better next year!

Where do such people come from? The sixth graders, the adults, the young dancers, the volunteers, the mothers and fathers in the production that were not paid and gave of their time to get wet, cold and hold tents down in the wind are my heroes.

We hoped to have a two-night run and to donate a large sum to the Snoqualmie Valley Food  Bank. Cascade Dance, that performed Friday in the wind and rain, told me they were taking up a donation to help with the lost donations that would  have come from Saturday night’s performance. Again, where do such people come from?

To our partners in the production, to our sponsors, to our cast, dancers, volunteers and families that supported you- you are special group and are to be congratulated on a job well done and to be praised for your endurance, patience, commitment and dedication.

For a listing of those involved, see the website: http://nightonadarktrail.weebly.com. Whereas some people draw attention to themselves with negative behavior and mockery of others, you have shown a bond of caring and love, support for one another, and a determination to be the best you can be. Such people live in the Snoqualmie Valley.

It is a honor to be included in the company of such wonderful people, “we few, we happy few” and I would not hesitate to work again with any of you.  Blessings on you all!

Mark Hennig
Event Organizer

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  • I absolutely love this production but I was so disappointed with the new location this year. I have no idea how the decision was made to do it in an open park. I hope you guys will be back next year in the old location or somewhere more fitting

  • Living Snoqualmie