Letter | Former Councilman: Peterson Voice of Reason, Trusted Steward of City Finances

Dear Editor,

I Support Charles Peterson for Snoqualmie City Council

It is very rare that a city has a citizen leader that is as accomplished, experienced and trusted as Charles Peterson.  Many of you know that Charles has served Snoqualmie as a past Mayor, current Council Member and great neighbor for decades.  I had the pleasure of serving eight years with Charles on the Snoqualmie City Council.  When he came on board, the city was experiencing a transition from small rural town to a growing suburban city with many new residents on the Ridge.  Charles’ diplomacy as a trusted leader helped bridge some of the divisions in our city and maintain the bonds of one united city.

Charles has a long history of accomplishments that spans over 40 years in Snoqualmie government.  Almost every building, public works project and initiative in the city has been influenced by Charles’ good judgment.  Moreover, Charles is a trusted steward of city finances and sound spending decisions.

Although current politics is often dominated by gridlock and acrimony, Charles is a voice of reason that brings people together to get things accomplished in Snoqualmie.  He is also always available and approachable with questions and concerns about city issues.

I encourage you to cast your vote for experience, independence and wisdom.  It is with the utmost confidence that I encourage you to vote for Charles Peterson for Snoqualmie City Council.

Jeff MacNichols

Former Snoqualmie City Council Member 2004-2014

2015 election

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