LETTER | Support Boxley’s, Community Treasure Vital to Music Education in the Valley

Dear Friends,

As you may or may not know, Boxley’s in downtown North Bend is not only a nice local restaurant, it is an incredible jazz club that is getting local, regional and national attention – both for its good music and the tremendous work it is doing for local youth in music.

Our kids, right here in this little Valley, are going to the Essentially Ellington Program at Lincoln Center in NYC in May for the second year in the row.  That happened in part because of what goes on at Boxley’s, where our kids play jazz and learn from professional musicians, many of whom have played with some of the jazz greats.  There is even interest in replicating what is happening here in other communities across the country.

I am currently doing consulting work in the arena of arts education and the case for arts education. Its positive impact on students and academics is very compelling, which makes the treasure we have in Boxley’s even more amazing. 

A family friendly jazz club is rare – so bring the kids regardless of age.  I’ve seen toddlers moving and grooving to the music.

Here’s the deal.  Boxleys is not a huge money-maker as a restaurant.  It is run by the nonprofit Boxley’s Music Fund.  It’s been a tough year or so for restaurants in general.

Next week. the City of North Bend will begin work on North Bend Way, which will be disruptive to local businesses – including Boxley’s. While the city work will have a nice end result, it is a hit that businesses don’t need right now, particularly Boxley’s.

I am asking that between now and month’s end you consider eating at Boxley’s at least once – or more if you can.  On Monday nights Boxley’s has discounted martinis if that floats your boat. There is usually music every night.  If you want to be able to talk, consider eating in the bar or near the windows.  If you like the music, sit in the middle and upfront.  It helps to make a reservation ahead of time via their website at www.boxleysplace.com.

Even better, consider becoming a member of the Boxley’s Music Fund.  A premier membership currently costs $65 per month, which gets you a $50 credit towards meals with the remainder going to support the place and the work they do.  It’s a really great deal where everybody wins.  You can sign up membership via their website as well.

Boxleys is both a local restaurant with good food (try the Chicken Marsala, a melt in your mouth favorite) and a community treasure worth supporting. 

Please come on down now, during the construction, and beyond… then everyone wins!


Jane Ellen and Winnie Seymour

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  • We have eaten at Boxleys many times over the time they changed hands and became the club it is now. We were always happy with the food, service etc.. The last time we went. .. was the last time. We have heard that the restaurant is not there for good food.. the club is there for Jazz and exposure. That said.. it is awesome to have this venue for all.. however. if the food, service is going to continue to go downhill then the draw for a restaurant and club is minimized. We spent most all o our “celebrations” at Boxleys.. As I said.. the last celebration was not good.. The new servers were not good. The food was not up to any of our expectations.. We ordered the menu selections that we have for several years. They could not be finished. I did post a review .. similar to this one.. there was not a reply. .no response. nothing.. sorry to say..we have moved on. .Unless the food and service comes back to acceptable levels.. (we are not foodies etc.. ) We just want good tasting, fresh ingredients and a friendly hello, welcome.. etc.. Getting out to celebrate does not come often for us.. Economics hit everyone..not just a restaurant..You must give what your customers want.. Jazz is fine. We just want good food..and someone to make you feel like they have earned our money.. It is simple..

    1. HI Jim – Thank you for your feed back. I am a Boxley Music Fund board member and we take your comments to heart. We will be making changes over the next couple of months and hopte that you will consider returning to Boxleys. We are clearly area of the issues that have driven some people away from Boxlyes – and we are working quite diligently on those issues. You are welcome to contact me through Face Book.
      Audrey Paisley

  • Thanks for your letter, Jane-Ellen! As big fans of Boxleys and Music in our Valley, we will step up to your challenge. Jim Ellis, I’m sorry you had a bad experience. We would love to show you how Boxley’s is doing these days. Can we take you and your spouse out to dinner on us some evening? Please send me a message offline at llhamm2@earthlink.net and we’ll set it up.

  • Point of clarification. We have learned today that the downtown project may be being delayed. The support for this community treasure still remains. I will also echo Audrey’s response to the first comment – the restaurant does care about both food and jazz and has a real impulse to continually improve both.

  • I went to Boxley’s a week ago and had a fantastic steak and great service. Not sure how long ago you went but my experience was great both with food and service.

  • Offer some good animal-friendly (vegan) food choices (not hard with pasta (minus the eggs!) with veggies and tomato sauce) and my husband and I would love to have you as an additional restaurant choice.

  • The last meal we had at Boxley’s was quite good. We have always enjoyed the music and everyone in the family finds something on the menu-a big plus for our “gang”! I agree with you Jane-Ellen. Boxley’s is a great venue and a wonderful source of entertainment.

  • I am sad that the first comment appears to be a negative one. So instead of being normally silient, I have to speak out. My experiences with the many meals I have had at Boxley’s, sometimes as often as twice or three times per week since they opened, have been overwhelmingly positive. Yes there have been a couple of exceptions, but even Canlis would be lying if they said they never had a off night, no one is perfect all the time. There have been some struggles with the menu changeups, and it is up to us to let the staff know if we would be happier with something else, but that does not over-shadow the great overall effort that Boxley’s puts out. I encourage everyone to try them out, and if you prefer a quieter table, there are a number of window tables in the bar area. Even with a new painful disability that interferes with my enjoyment of going out, I will continue to support this venue. Thank you Boxley’s for bringing some great culture into this valley, and while the menu challenges get revisited, keep up the good work!

  • We like Boxleys and have always been treated well when we go. Unfortunately, the prices preclude being able to go more often.

  • Living Snoqualmie