Letter | A community farewell as former SPD Chief Steve McCulley becomes new chief in Atherton, CA

As longtime North Bend resident and former Snoqualmie Police Chief Steve McCulley prepares for a new job –and adventure – with wife Lynn in the Silicon Valley area, he’s taking a little time to reflect and thank his hometown.

In May Steve will start work as the Atherton, CA Chief of Police. Good Luck Steve and Lynn. The community will miss you both.  Read on…

Dear Residents,

I feel very lucky to have grown up in Monroe, which I consider the far north boundary of the greater Snoqualmie Valley area.  After graduating from Washington State University, I realized my high school dream of becoming a Washington State Patrol (WSP) Trooper at age 21.  In 1991, I began working in North Bend as a Sergeant in charge of WSP operations on Snoqualmie Pass and in the North Bend/Snoqualmie area, and my wife Lynn and I moved to North Bend as newlyweds.  It was during this assignment that we fell in love with the Snoqualmie Valley, and we’ve called North Bend home for the past 26 years.

As a WSP Assistant District Commander in King County, I was fortunate to be assigned in charge of all WSP operations in East King County to include the Snoqualmie Valley.  I was happy to work locally and be involved with the schools, youth sports, service organizations and community events that make this Valley so special.  We raised our two daughters in the best one of a kind family oriented, safe, and secure communities.

After retiring from the WSP, I had the unique opportunity to serve in the Valley once again by becoming the Captain and then Chief of Police for my hometown communities of Snoqualmie and North Bend.  For the last 6 years it was a distinct honor serving my friends and neighbors, providing them safety and security through improved transparency, accountability, and risk management police operations.  The officers and professional staff of the Snoqualmie Police Department have and continue to provide a very high level of professional and customer service-based policing, keeping the peace for all to enjoy our very unique Valley high quality of life.

While the Valley will always be home to us, I have accepted a Chief of Police position for the Town of Atherton, California in the Silicon Valley area.  Lynn and I are very excited about this new adventure and will remain connected to our hometown by maintaining our home in North Bend for our daughters as they begin their own lives and careers.  My experiences here and all of my interactions with the community, and just plain good people, have allowed me to become a better peace officer and effective law enforcement leader.  I wish the Valley residents all the best in the future.

Thank you,

Steven D. McCulley

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  • Dave and I wish you and Lynn all the best. Best of luck on your new adventure.
    Sylvia and Dave Leonard

  • We wish you the best in your new position, Steve. We lived near Atherton at one time and can assure you that it is a very nice place. However, we are certainly going to miss you here in the Valley.
    Phil Cassady

  • We will miss you and your great family.
    Bob and I wish you good luck and success in your new job.
    Atherton is beautiful.
    Linda and Bob Jeans

  • Living Snoqualmie