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State Representative ‘Enthusiastically’ Endorses Council Candidate

It's no secret that Washington State 5th District Representative Jay Rodne has endorsed Snoqualmie City Council Candidate Joe Larson in his race for council position #6 against longtime incumbent Charles … [Read more...]

North Bend Sallal Grange to Build Tiny House for ‘First of its Kind’ Seattle Homeless Community

North Bend's Sallal Grange announced last week that it is the first non-construction-related organization to build a tiny house for the Nickelsville Tiny House Village, a new community serving homeless … [Read more...]

The Halloween Train Steams into Snoqualmie Valley for Family Friendly Fun

There's some fun and family-friendly Halloween adventure steaming through the Snoqualmie Valley the next two weekends. Yup, the Halloween Train is making its annual visit. Looking for a Halloween adventure … [Read more...]

Editorial | Social Media like Word of Mouth on Steroids; Caution Urged when Comes to Local Businesses

Let's face it. Sometimes the online world of social media can be tough, especially in an instant world where anyone and everyone is the commentator and the spectator. Gone are the days of carefully written … [Read more...]

Powering into Retirement | Beloved Snoqualmie Valley Teacher Wins World Championship

Alan Tepper created a Physical Education legacy at North Bend Elementary during his tenure, where he made unicycling and jump roping team sports in an effort to create more activities for Snoqualmie Valley … [Read more...]

Councilwoman Pettersen Endorses in Contested North Bend City Council Race

In a statement released on Saturday, October 17, 2015, North Bend City Councilmember Jeanne Pettersen endorsed Judy Bilanko for North Bend City Council. Judy faces Martin Volken in the race for council position … [Read more...]

Letter | Longtime Councilwoman Endorses Charles Peterson, Grateful for his History, Wisdom

Snoqualmie Residents, I am writing to encourage the citizens of Snoqualmie to re-elect Charles Peterson to the City Council. Charles has devoted his life to the service of this City and we are very fortunate … [Read more...]

Letter | Ryan Roberts Accountable, Responsible; Herron Picked Wrong Candidate to Challenge

Dear Editor: I am writing in regards to the Snoqualmie Valley Public Hospital District election.  Specifically, in the race for position number 3, between Emma Herron and Ryan Roberts, I was dismayed by the … [Read more...]

Guest Column | Effecting Positive Change for North Bend: Proposal for Better Communication between Council and Community

This guest article is written by Brenden Elwood, a candidate for North Bend City Council [Position #5], who was recently endorsed by Mayor Ken Hearing. Elwood believes one of the reason the mayor chose to … [Read more...]

Police Chief: YES on Prop 1, Best Starts for Kids, Investment in Safer, Stronger Communities

Dear Citizens, There is only one initiative on this year's ballot that is bringing together people from across the political spectrum and that's King County Proposition 1, know as Best Starts for Kids.  … [Read more...]

How Low Can It Go? Photo Comparison from the Top Highlights How Much Rattlesnake Lake Has Shrunk

It's common knowledge that Rattlesnake Lake is close to record low levels thanks to below average rainfall this year - especially over the past six month. Local TV news stations have done pieces about the … [Read more...]

Police Blotter | That’s A LOT of Stolen Alcohol; Let’s Talk Bears and Garbage; Dude, Where’d You Get that Bike Frame?

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF REPORT | E McCLELLAN ST, North Bend On September 26th at 11:45AM a caller reported graffiti on the men's restroom door at the North Bend Depot. SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES | SE 137TH PL, … [Read more...]

Mount Si Debate Team Explosive Growth | Showcase Event Offers Opportunity to See them in Action

Debate is considered by many a sport of the mind, a skill, an art - where debaters learn to  stand up and articulately defend a position on a particular topic.  It's not easy. Mount Si High School has an … [Read more...]

Business Comings | New Restaurant Proving Popular, Even Running out of Food

There's a new restaurant in town... and the good reviews are rolling in. Rio Bravo opened its doors last week in that funky little white building at the corner of E. North Bend Way and McClellan Street - … [Read more...]

Mayor Endorses Challenger in Contested North Bend City Council Race

North Bend Mayor Ken Hearing announced today, October 14, 2015, that he has chosen to endorse a candidate in the race for North Bend City Council Position #5. Mayor Hearing released the following statement … [Read more...]

And Then There were Two | District Announces Final Elementary School Boundary Change Options

Growing student enrollment, state mandated full day kindergarten and lower K-3 class size AND a new school opening. These are all elementary school changes slated for the 2016-17 school year in the Snoqualmie … [Read more...]

Already State Law, NEW City Ordinance Makes Hosting Underage Drinking Parties Illegal in Snoqualmie

My daughter asked us once to let her friends come to our home after prom for a party.... to take the keys, be in charge. She was honest, telling us what we already suspected - that they were going to drink and … [Read more...]

LETTER | Joe Larson is Passionate, Strong Advocate for Snoqualmie

Dear Editor, Joe Larson is passionate about Snoqualmie.  He serves our City and our Valley as a volunteer in several capacities, and now is the time to promote him to the position of Snoqualmie’s next City … [Read more...]

Three Weeks after Horrific Collision with School Bus, Zach Solomon Leaves ICU; Friends Plan Benefit Fundraisers

Support Zach Solomon page: "Life happens moment by moment. In a single instance, second, thought - life can change. We live like we are invincible, like the world will stop for us."  On the foggy morning of … [Read more...]

$3 Goodwill Item Valued at $6000 | Antique Appraisal Event Helps Determine What Family Heirlooms are Worth

Got some antiques (or what you think are antiques) in your home?  Curious if you might be holding on to something valuable? Here's a chance to find out - on a local scale. This Friday, October 16, 2015  from … [Read more...]