EDITORIAL | Please Respect those Candidate Signs; Enjoy the Elk, but Put Safety First

Unless You’re Mother Nature, Let’s not Touch the Signs

In small political campaigns, staffed by volunteers and family members, often times the largest campaign expense is the signs you see around the Snoqualmie Valley this month.  They aren’t cheap. So when they disappear – and others next to them remain – campaign volunteers notice.

It was reported to police this week that one local candidate experienced some sign theft, while the opposition’s signs remained intact nearby. Campaign volunteers believe those signs were specifically targeted.

So in a spirit of fairness and respect, we encourage those signs be left alone – realizing, of course, that as storms roll through, Mother Nature may have other ideas.

There are a lot of interesting, contested local races in this general election season.  Let’s give all the candidates a shot at having their signs seen.

Safety First When Enjoying the Awe of our Elk Herd

On a safety note:  it’s that time of year when the Meadowbrook elk herd is out along SR 202 near the Mount Si High School Freshman campus.  As is usually the case, MANY cars pull off on the shoulder so occupants can catch a glimpse, or take a photo of our famous herd.

But if you do decide to pull over, remember please, the road shoulder in this area is very narrow with a ditch adjacent. During the past two weeks while the herd was grazing, LOTS of cars were pulled over, but some were not completely off of the roadway.

This stretch of SR 202 is a two-lane, 50MPH zone. It’s tight as it is – without cars stacked up on the roadside – so please both drivers and elk observers, consider safety first when the herd is out by driving slower and safely getting your vehicle completely off the roadway.

And don’t forget – there are also other spots to observe the herd in the Meadowbrook area that may be safer nature viewing alternatives.

Meadowbrook Elk herd in 2014.  Photo: Don Detrick
Meadowbrook Elk herd in 2014. Photo: Don Detrick


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  • It’s actually theft to remove a political sign from a public right of way during election season. It’s a misdemeanor, don’t do it.

  • Would be great to list the other places to view the Elk? The viewing on 202 has gone on for many years. Has anyone in the safety of area of government mate thought of building a parking/viewing area? Just a thought.

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  • I hope people remove every last one of them. Nobody wants to see that garbage along the road.

  • Fairness and respect… in today’s politics? LOLOLOL
    How about we enforce these signs are promptly removed after elections.

  • Living Snoqualmie