Councilwoman Pettersen Endorses in Contested North Bend City Council Race

In a statement released on Saturday, October 17, 2015, North Bend City Councilmember Jeanne Pettersen endorsed Judy judy bilankoBilanko for North Bend City Council. Judy faces Martin Volken in the race for council position #7. Pettersen has been serving on City Council since 2010.


Councilwoman Pettersen’s Endorsement:

I strongly endorse Judy Baker Bilanko for North Bend City Council position #7. Judy will bring a rare combination of skills to the position. Her career in banking and as a city public information officer provide direct knowledge of municipal government and finance. Her family history and roots in the valley provide historical perspective. She is  currently an active member on our Parks Commission. Judy has unwavering integrity, high intelligence, and excellent communication skills, with a dash of humor appropriate for the situation. She is analytical, organized and fulfills her commitments.

Effective council members devote much time and effort to the job. There are 7-8 scheduled meetings per month (3 council, 2 committees, 2-3 liaison groups), plus meetings with staff and constituents. For committed members, those meetings involve time, preparation, reading and research. Judy won’t be out of the city when business needs to be done. She will be prepared and at the table.

Judy’s substantive responses at the recent candidate forums reflected the in-depth thinking and background work she utilizes to become familiar with city issues, study the city budget and understand the legal constraints which determine what cities can and cannot do regarding issues such as housing developments, impact fees and timing of infrastructure improvements. She offers reasoned and financially feasible solutions.

Judy’s opponent promotes a major city project in the block where his business is located. Judy has no special interest other than the betterment of the entire city.

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  • This comment is in response to Jeanne Petterson’s endorsement of Judy Bilanko. While I am sure that Judy has a great deal to bring to our community, I am confused why she (you) need to take negative shots at her opponent. Is it possible for a candidate to have integrity and stand on their own beliefs and visions? While Martin Volken may be a downtown business owner, I do not see this as any special interest other wanting to better the community. It is incredibly clear that our downtown corridor needs a great deal of help. I find it quite refreshing for a candidate, especially a local business owner, to take this type of interest in our town. Mr. Volken is not only interested in the downtown corridor but in managing the impending the growth of our entire community in a responsible and “health-minded” manner. I support this 100%. I also fully support Mr. Volken’s integrity in this race–keeping to his views and not needing to criticize Ms. Bilanko to better himself. How refreshing. If you are confident and clear with your values and vision–there is no need to criticize others.

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