Business Comings | New Restaurant Proving Popular, Even Running out of Food

There’s a new restaurant in town… and the good reviews are rolling in.

Rio Bravo opened its doors last week in that funky little white building at the corner of E. North Bend Way and McClellan Street – near Henry Taylor Park and the North Bend Train Depot.  You know, the former Rocko’s Diner spot that used to have what looked like Big Foot painted on the side.

I was a little confused at first – as the new owners were painting the exterior right about the same time David Lynch and the Twin Peaks crew rolled into town and started transforming Twede’s Cafe.  So I had to make sure the paint job wasn’t for filming.

Well, it wasn’t.  The new restaurant is called Rio Bravo – just as the exterior paint job proclaims. According to their Facebook page they serve authentic street tacos, burritos, tortas, salads, breakfast and appetizers.

Described as one patron as a “non-sit down, non-fast food” Mexican food option, Rio Bravo is figuring out fast that it’s offering a food option locals seem to be embracing.

reviews rio bravo

The first four days in business the owners reported that they needed to shorten hours of operation and possibly trim the menu down because they were running out of food. Yes, you read that right. Running out of food.

According to their Facebook page, they are planning to add some additional storage and refrigeration, as currently they only have sufficient food storage (and personnel too) to serve about 200 customers per day.  They hope with more storage to expand their hours.

So for now they are open 10:30AM to 6:30PM.  They’re located at 247 E. North Bend Way and the phone number is (425) 888-1655.

Good Luck Rio Bravo!


Rio Bravo open
Rio Bravo opened in early October at 247 E North Bend Way near the North Bend Depot. Photo: Facebook



rio bravo interior
Rio Bravo interior. Photo: Facebook


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  • Rocko’s had a “Timberbeast”, “hidebehind”, and “shadow person” on the outside of the diner. These three figures are from local folklore. Many people in the Twin Peaks community also related them to the TV show. Glad Rio Bravo is doing well. Thanks for the nice article! We are also glad that Debbie (previous owner of Rocko’s) is working at Rio Bravo. Great community spirit we have here!

  • Bravo Rio Bravo! Good to see great people kicking off a new dining choice in North Bend with such quality and service. I had a variety of 3 tacos and everyone was excellent. Yum.

  • Living Snoqualmie