Mayor Endorses Challenger in Contested North Bend City Council Race

North Bend Mayor Ken Hearing announced today, October 14, 2015, that he has chosen to endorse a candidate in the race for elwoodNorth Bend City Council Position #5.

Mayor Hearing released the following statement in support of Brenden Elwood who is challenging local businessman and incumbent, David Cook.

After careful consideration and conversation with both candidates I have decided to endorse Brenden Elwood for North Bend City Council position 5.  Mr. Elwood will bring a fresh perspective and a well-studied approach to his work as councilmember.

His time on the North Bend Planning commission and Si View Parks Board gives him the experience to hit the ground running.  He brings a rational approach to growth and he is passionate about listening to the citizens and always putting their interest above his own. Brenden will do an excellent job as a North Bend Councilmember.

When asked if he would be endorsing in the other two contested city council races, Mayor Hearing stated, “Probably not because I haven’t decided who I will vote for yet. All the candidates bring different attributes to the table.”

Mayor Hearing is also up for re-election in the November 3, 2015, general election. He is facing local businesswoman Mary Miller who is running a write-in campaign.

Mail in ballots for the November election, along with Voter Pamphlets, are scheduled to arrive this week.  Ballots must be postmarked by November 3rd.

For more information on all the local candidates visit King County Elections.

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  • I have personally known Dave Cook for 8 years and have seen his dedication and sacrifice to the city of North Bend. He is hardworking, honorable and has kept the interests of the people he serves above his own for the time that he has been a council member. I strongly believe that Dave Cook is the better candidate and will positively effect the future of North Bend.

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