Harness Solar Power, Cut the Electricity Cord – Only Two ‘Solarize Snoqualmie’ Workshops Left

With four teenagers and a washer, dryer and dishwasher that run daily – and a big house with lots of lights – according to PSE, my home uses more energy that others in my neighborhood…. by A LOT.

Thank you PSE for those ‘guilt energy consumption’ letters that come monthly now.

So… since the City of Snoqualmie is part of the campaign working to convince Washington residents to consider solar power, I’ve decided to at least check it out.

There are only two workshops left for Solarize Snoqualmie. They are free and you don’t have to be a Snoqualmie resident to participate.

The third workshop is Wednesday, October 14, 2015, from 7PM – 8:30PM in the Cascade View Elementary School gym. According to organizers, already, 35 homeowners have signed up, with 65 spots left.

If you’re interested you can register at solarizewa.org.

Since the 4-workshop series started in August, over 79 residents have attended and learned more about putting solar power to worksolar roof on their rooftops. Currently, 29 homes are scheduled for solar assessments, 21 homes are considering proposals and 7 new solar systems are contracted for installation.

“We’re thrilled with the turn-out so far,” said Nicole Sanders, a City of Snoqualmie Associate Planner assisting with the program. “To participate in Solarize, folks have to attend a workshop. The workshops answer every question under the sun… pun intended.”

What Exactly is Solarize Snoqualmie?

Solarize Snoqualmie is a group purchase or “bulk buy” program designed to achieve affordable solar panel installations on homes and businesses.

Workshops review average solar array sizes and costs, installation requirements on the Ridge and Downtown, and allows attendees to meet the installer, ask questions and schedule a free site assessment.

Participants save 10%-15% compared to buying solar independently, and can earn back over 35% of their investment in the first year.

“This really is the best time to go solar,” said Sanders. “The tax credit of 30% on these systems expires December 2016. More workshops are in October and November this year, but then that’s it – we won’t run this program again. This is the best chance to take advantage of solar while there’s still funding.”

Solarize Snoqualmie is co-sponsored by the Washington State Department of Commerce, City of Snoqualmie, Puget Sound Energy, partnered by Northwest SEED, and powered by citizen collaboration.

To learn more about solar programs, visit the Solarize Washington website.

For more information about Solarize Snoqualmie workshops, contact Nicole Sanders at nsanders@ci.snoqualmie.wa.us.

Look for a follow up story soon –  after my solar site assessment.

solar map
Photo: screenshot from City of Snoqualmie Powerpoint presentation for ‘Solar Snoqualmie’ workshops.

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  • I love it. The prospect of solar power is awesome. However, read the fine print. The Washington State incentives for renewables limits and how PSE is attempting to “stay within budget” before investing. Ask LOTS of questions at this event. It costs ~$15k – $30k to install, depending on how much kwh output is required or desired. That’s not a small amount.
    Yay for solar power!

  • Living Snoqualmie