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Oped | As School Dress Codes Strengthen, Wrong Messages Sent to Girls AND Boys

[Paige McCall is a Mount Si High School graduate currently attending New York University who plans to pursue a career in writing. She said she was inspired to write this piece after listening to her younger … [Read more...]

Party Time | Streets Close for Snoqualmie Valley Block Party; Fun, Prizes, Entertainment

The 3rd annual Snoqualmie Valley Block Party is heading back to Center Blvd in Snoqualmie this Saturday, September 19, 2015 from 12PM - 6PM. Barricades will go up. Streets will close to traffic. Snoqualmie … [Read more...]

Short Shaking | Earthquake Centered Under Snoqualmie Valley, Felt by Many

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 3:22PM, Washington State experienced a 4.0 magnitude earthquake centered directly under the Snoqualmie … [Read more...]

Growth, Traffic, Roundabouts | Find out Candidates’ Positions at Pre-election Forums

More Growth?  Traffic Congestion?  Roundabouts?  Did this get your attention?  Well, the leadership of the Cities of North Bend and Snoqualmie regularly address these sometime contentious issues - and will … [Read more...]

‘Drama Mamas’ Create Mount Si High School Boosters to Elevate Talented Program to Next Level

** Guest Article by Glynis Rogers ** Last year while Mount Si Drama was preparing for its final production, it became quite evident that a little extra support was needed. Students were spending incredible … [Read more...]

Anticipated Twin Peaks Filming Hits North Bend, Twede’s Cafe Gets a Double R Diner Makeover

In a small town it's kind of big news in when the restaurant that put North Bend on the national TV map, and still draws Twin Peaks fans by the droves (i.e. Twede's Cafe), closes its doors to become what many … [Read more...]

Need for Speed | Challenge Series Races Give Special Drivers Chance to Navigate the Parkway

It's a very special event, with some very special people... with "a need for speed." Come Saturday, September 19, 2015 they will be flying down [a small, not too steep section of] Snoqualmie Parkway with the … [Read more...]

Bringing Home Bee | Through Wildfire, Dust and Wind Storm

In her latest column, North Bend resident and pet trainer/owner of Miss Lola's Academy for Wayward Dogs, takes you on her journey to bring her new puppy, Bee, home to the Snoqualmie Valley from the breeder in … [Read more...]

Police Blotter | Flying Fruit, It’s Just Rootbeer Officer, Please get This Goose out of my Yard

Here are a few of the calls the Snoqualmie Police Department responded to in North Bend and Snoqualmie over the past two … [Read more...]

Mount Si High School Rebuild Runs into $4 Million Dilemma

At the August 27th School Board Meeting, SVSD Assistant Superintendent Ryan Stokes said the Mount Si High School Re-build project ran into an "interesting dilemma" over the summer as NAC Architects began … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley Indoor Playground Starts 19th Year of FUN at Remodeled Si View Community Center

The Snoqualmie Valley Indoor Playground (SVIP) begins its 19th year serving families of the Snoqualmie Valley on September 14, 2015 The playground, located at Si View Community Center is open Mondays, … [Read more...]

Cities Offer Safety Courses: Women’s Self Defense, CPR, Emergency Response Training

Snoqualmie Police Department Offers Self Defense Course A women’s self-defense course is being offered by the Snoqualmie Police Department for females age 16 and above who live or work in Snoqualmie and North … [Read more...]

Police ‘Thoroughly Investigating’ Death near Edgewick Road

The King County Sheriff's Office says detectives from its Major Crimes Unit are currently performing a thorough investigation into the death of a man in the Edgewick area of North Bend. Neighbors stated the … [Read more...]

Letter | Thanks for Making Summer Food Band Programs a Success, September Launches Soup & Chili Drive

On behalf of the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank board and staff I would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in our Summer Programing.  The 10 weeks of summer were a buzz of activity and here … [Read more...]

Detectives Seek Witnesses to I-90 Felony Hit and Run Accident

Washington State Patrol (WSP) Detectives are seeking witnesses to a hit and run, injury collision that occurred on Thursday, August 27, 2015 on WB I-90/SR 900 near Issaquah. WSP says according to witnesses, … [Read more...]

City, Mayor Respond to Claims Construction Near Snoqualmie Falls Irresponsible, Say Tribe Never Claimed Area Sacred Burial Site During Years of Discussions

In response to a Letter published on September 1, 2015, claiming the bulldozing of trees for a roundabout construction near Snoqualmie Falls was "irresponsible and disrespectful" to the Snoqualmie Tribe, the … [Read more...]

Timeline Set for Upcoming District-wide Elementary School Boundary Change

When you have a new elementary school to fill, attendance boundaries have to shift. The process to make that shift is about to commence in the Snoqualmie Valley. At the August 27, 2015 Snoqualmie Valley … [Read more...]

Letter | Bulldozing Near Snoqualmie Falls Irresponsible, Disrespectful

Dear Editor, The Pacific Northwest is arguably one of the most beautiful places to live. With sprawling mountains, and evergreen capped hills as far as the eye can see, many looking for solace in nature settle … [Read more...]