Need for Speed | Challenge Series Races Give Special Drivers Chance to Navigate the Parkway

It’s a very special event, with some very special people… with “a need for speed.”

Come Saturday, September 19, 2015 they will be flying down [a small, not too steep section of] Snoqualmie Parkway with the wind at their backs – and huge smiles on their faces.

Back for another year is the Challenge Series Races, sponsored by the Snoqualmie Valley Rotary Club and Life Enrichment Options (LEO), where the the entire community is invited to drive, ride or just cheer.

Earlier this summer the Challenge Series Races visited Issaquah and Sammamish – and now it’s time for the Snoqualmie Valley tour stop.

The gravity car race gives those with developmental disabilities the chance to be the co-driver of a soap box derby-type race car. Two cars propelled by gravity will race it out downhill to the finish line – and drivers with special needs have the opportunity to ride more than once.

Developing drivers (typically 10 years or older) pilot the cars.  Co-drivers must be no taller than 5’2” and 130 pounds or less.

Races begin at 12PM, September 19, 2015. Lunch and an awards ceremony (full of smiles) completes the day of fun. This FREE event is designed for the whole family where “every child is a winner.”

Life Enrichment Options (LEO) is a community based non-profit organization that advocates for and works to support individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their goals through supportive housing, recreation, employment opportunities and community education.

[**The Snoqualmie Valley School District neither sponsors nor endorses this event and assumes no responsibility for it.**]


Previous Challenge Series Race. Photo: LEO website
Previous Challenge Series Race. Photo: LEO website


Previous Challenge Series Race. Photo: LEO Facebook
Previous Challenge Series Race. Photo: LEO Facebook




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