‘Drama Mamas’ Create Mount Si High School Boosters to Elevate Talented Program to Next Level

** Guest Article by Glynis Rogers **

Last year while Mount Si Drama was preparing for its final production, it became quite evident that a little extra support was needed. Students were spending incredible amounts of time at the school to prepare the best show possible, but they weren’t thinking of their own needs.

Many were grabbing quick snacks to keep them going… and that’s when a group of moms decided that they needed to feed the students.  That need to nourish the actors, tech crews, stage crew and their teacher brought to light more needs in the theatre program – and the moms decided it was time to create a booster program for the Drama Club.

Over the summer, four mothers with MSHS drama students met almost weekly to set up the 501c3 status needed to become a non-profit; to write by-laws, to create a mission statement and look at all the other details needed to get things started before the start of this school year. They met with the drama teacher, as well as the principal and other administrators to get the ball rolling.

The booster moms also went directly to the students and asked them to voice their opinions about what is needed most.

Overwhelmingly, the students begged for new microphones. Apparently the old headsets are quite dated and not in the best shape. Mount Si Drama and Choir teacher Ms. Issacs agreed. She was hoping to find a way to replace some of the microphones – as well as add a few more.

Working together with the boosters, who are now jokingly known as the “Drama Mamas,” they came up with a Top 3 Fundraiser list for the 2015/16 school year.

New microphones were an obvious choice, but also on top of the list is a request from Ms. Isaacs to help fund a giant turntable for the stage, which will allow for faster set changes and new set designs.

Issacs commented, “It is important that we fundraise for items that can be moved into the new performing arts center when the school is finished being remodeled.”  The bond passed last spring will bring a much-needed rebuild to the current auditorium, but does not cover the expenses for things that are needed NOW to make the program successful.

In addition to these items, the Drama Boosters hope to raise enough money to bring quality clinicians and experts to work with students who are starving to learn more about the theatre and how they can personally do more to be involved, be more focused and present top quality shows at Mount Si.

The MSHS Drama Program has been around for a long time, but boosters are hoping that with parent and community help, they can take it to the next level.

After being recognized at last year’s 5th Avenue Awards, which honors high school musical theatre throughout the state of WA, Mount Si Drama and the Drama Boosters are dedicated to doing what it takes to ensure Mount Si is on that list again this year.

A Go Fund Me account has been started for those wishing to help the ‘Drama Mamas’ meet their goals. They say no dollar amount is too small.   To offer support go to: www.gofundme.com/mountsidrama

The first production of the 2015-16 school year was announced last week and MSHS Drama hopes everyone will mark their calendars and join them for the musical comedy, Once Upon A Mattress, in the Mount Si Auditorium, December 10-12, 2015.

Be sure to follow MSHS Drama on Facebook for times, ticket info and updates about future shows.

Ms. Issacs addresses her drama students at Mount Si High School
Ms. Issacs addresses her drama students at Mount Si High School


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