In their own words: Why I want to be Mayor of Snoqualmie, Volume 4

This is the forth in a [hopeful] five-part series written by each Snoqualmie Mayoral candidate, explaining their goals and vision if elected. This piece is from Steve Pennington. Five candidates have filed … [Read more...]

In their own Words: why I want to be Mayor of Snoqualmie

This is the first in a [hopeful] five-part series, written by each Snoqualmie Mayoral candidate, explaining their goals and vision if elected. Brad Toft authors this first guest article. Five candidates have … [Read more...]

Oped | School Board Members entitled to meeting agendas

** Clarification from author: In reading some of the responses both on Living Snoqualmie and social media, it became evident that one point of  clarification is necessary. Marci Busby’s words about preferring … [Read more...]

Appreciation is Under my Tree this year, Happy Holidays to a wonderful Community

Growing up, Christmas Eve was always my dad's day, meaning we spent that day with his family. I always counted down the hours until we got together with that large family group. My dad was the oldest of four … [Read more...]

Oped | Establishment Politics on School Board need to end, Simpson right choice for board president

[ ** Written by Snoqualmie resident, Brad Toft ** ] The Snoqualmie Valley School Board begins deliberations regarding service in the roles of President and Vice President for the 2017 calendar year, to be … [Read more...]

Oped | Why Trump did not earn my vote

I hate politics and at the same time it fascinates me. I hate it because so much of it involves labeling. It intrigues me because it shapes our world - its policies, its values. The ugly part of politics is … [Read more...]

Oped | Why Trump

[** This piece as written by Snoqualmie resident, Rob McCann **] Please stop trying to slap an evil label on me so you can try to understand why I voted for Trump.  I didn’t do that to you when you elected … [Read more...]

Oped | So ready for ‘Election 2016’ Reality Show to end, but still embracing the Vote

Did you watch last night's presidential debate.... the one that was billed as drawing Super Bowl-like viewership numbers? I did. For 15 minutes. Then I turned it off and realized that politics, which I have … [Read more...]

District gets permit to begin Mount Si High School rebuild; time to excavate, grade, drill

The Snoqualmie Valley School Board announced at the September 15th school board meeting that it had received the first permit needed to officially begin the Mount Si High School multi-year, $200 million rebuild … [Read more...]

Oped | Thank you New York, all the Way from Snoqualmie

I remember that morning clearly. It's etched in my mind. 31-years old and six months pregnant with my fourth child. Half asleep, turning on the morning news at 6:30AM. Starting a normal work and school day. Get … [Read more...]

Oped | Hey Drivers, Stop Cheating at 90/18 interchange; Start writing for a Solution

Oh I-90/SR 18 interchange, you really have become the spot local residents love to hate. The frustration you inflict during peak commute hours even turns often good drivers into selfish ones looking for short … [Read more...]

Oped: Community Policing, ‘Great Cheese Robbery’ bring Hope during tumultuous week

My husband and I now jokingly refer to our 4th of July encounter with the police as "The Great Cheese Robbery." Giving it a light-hearted spin was a good way to alleviate our kids' worry - so that's how it was … [Read more...]

Oped | Pre-Calculus IS on the SAT and students need it by 11th grade

An Opinion by Carolyn Simpson, SVSD School Board Director You hear it everywhere: most kids will need some college. You hear it from President Obama and from our state’s Washington Student Achievement Council. … [Read more...]

Student Opinion | In Defense of Stress: Working Hard, Preparing for my Future

I should preface this by saying that I am fully aware that my story is not everyone’s story. A 4-year-university, most likely out-of-state, was the only post-grad option for me. Not because of anything my … [Read more...]

Op-ed | Is the District Scared to Let Parents Have a Say?

It seems the topic of bringing Informed Self-Select to the important Snoqualmie Valley middle school math pathway placement process has opened a proverbial 'can of worms.' Nearly 600 signatures (including … [Read more...]

Small Business Saturday, a Post Black Friday Shopping Intervention that’s Good for Stress Levels

Have you seen it on social media?  The call to Shop Small, Shop Local this Saturday, November 28, 2015. It's called Small Business Saturday® - a push to encourage residents to give the small businesses in … [Read more...]

Dismal Amount of General Election Ballots Returned so Far; Time to Find Yours Buried on the Kitchen Counter, Desk

EDITORIAL According to King County Elections, as of November 1st at 8PM, only about 15% of King County registered voters had mailed in ballots for the November 3, 2015 General Election... ballots that were … [Read more...]

Editorial | Oh the Small Town Politics, Sign Tactics Continue… ‘Not Cool’

First Charles Peterson's signs go missing and now this. I noticed something new on my morning drive to the high school today... one candidate finally put signs out. Yes, in the sea of signs I noticed. Are … [Read more...]

Editorial | Social Media like Word of Mouth on Steroids; Caution Urged when Comes to Local Businesses

Let's face it. Sometimes the online world of social media can be tough, especially in an instant world where anyone and everyone is the commentator and the spectator. Gone are the days of carefully written … [Read more...]

Police Chief: YES on Prop 1, Best Starts for Kids, Investment in Safer, Stronger Communities

Dear Citizens, There is only one initiative on this year's ballot that is bringing together people from across the political spectrum and that's King County Proposition 1, know as Best Starts for Kids.  … [Read more...]