Op-ed | Downtown Snoqualmie Renovation Shines, Revitalizes Historic Area

After just over a year of pretty much constant construction, intermittent traffic backups, limited parking and business owners feeling like it might never end, it appears the Downtown Snoqualmie Infrastructure Improvement Project is just about complete. All that is left is for a few more plants to go in the ground.

And you know what?  It looks great.  More power lines have been moved underground. Utilities have been upgraded. A beautiful boardwalk was added in front of the Snoqualmie Depot. A much-needed large, designated crosswalk was added right in the middle of the business district.  A connected walking path now stretches from River Street to Northern Street now. And there are benches throughout to stop, rest and take in the scenery.

Yes, I know the back-in, angled parking is still weird to many, but I am holding out hope that it works out.  Thanks to all you patient Valley residents for enduring the traffic, noise and construction.

Oh, and the remodel of the Snoqualmie Falls Candy Factory & Cafe is also complete and looks great – and its floor to ceiling chalkboard wall offers lots of fun for the kids.  The longtime, iconic Railroad Ave store/restaurant was closed for about three months for renovation and reopened in mid July.

candy 1
Snoqualmie Falls Candy Factory & Cafe remodel
candy 2
Candy Factory remodel, complete with large chalkboard wall to entertain kids
Snoqualmie Falls Candy Factory & Cafe remodel, complete in mid July
Snoqualmie Falls Candy Factory & Cafe remodel, complete in mid July


In the end my hope is that this latest downtown renovation keeps rejuvenating the historic Snoqualmie area. I love driving through.  I love stopping.  There are great restaurants and shops with wonderful, local owners who have invested money and energy into the vision that is the historic Snoqualmie business district.

Stop by and visit why don’t you!

Here’s a few photos of the finished renovation












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  • The Snoqualmie Downtown Improvement Project looks gorgeous and takes care of infrastructure for many years to come. I love how comfy it feels to sit down and gaze around. I love not seeing wires looming overhead. I love the sidewalks and pathways. And, I love the landscape. I hope the business owners will recoup their losses and then some with increased downtown draws for tourists and locals. About the parking, get creative. Turn right at the end of the angled parking spaces, take another right onto the Falls Brewery street, another right at the end of that block onto Railroad Ave.
    Then, just pull in forward into the spaces. Well done Snoqualmie!

  • Waste of taxpayers money. you can only dress up a turd so much. Maybe they should have refaced the horrific bowling alley. Only go down there now to get beer at Snoqualmie Brewery. Nothing there but tourists and kitsch. And not even good kitsch. The Woodman is way over priced. Glad to see Gianfranco Ristorante Italiano survived. Miss the mexican place. Hardware store is nice.
    Its like downtown North Bend. You’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a million times. Why bother going back?

  • Don’t worry Joe…..we Valley folks don’t really like going UP the hill to see our “once” beautiful hillside full of wildlife that now looks like some horrible, tacky, experiment from southern California i.e. Snoqualmie Ridge.

  • Living Snoqualmie