Op-Ed: Tomorrow’s Schools Are Today’s Decisions

Ideas. Lots of ideas.  From the district and from parents.  Lots of opinions on what's needed for future education in the Snoqualmie Valley - something termed "21st century education." Opinions and ideas about … [Read more...]

Living Snoqualmie Facebook Page Highlights: A Simple, Strong Anti-Bullying Lesson and Quotes of the Day to Elicit Smiles

The Living Snoqualmie Facebook page is full of activity each day, but I realize not everyone utilizes social media so I thought I would give readers a weekly Facebook update and "share" it on the Living … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Inspiration: The Lesson I Learned from Dad Once I Was a Mom

My father was a quiet man.  That isn’t to say he couldn’t carry a conversation.  Maybe a better description is private, not good at expressing the emotional stuff.  This doesn’t mean he cared less. He just … [Read more...]