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How the 1918 Flu Pandemic changed history, improved women’s rights and saved my life

What do modern public health, the World health Organization, women’s rights, Edward Cullen and myself have in common? All, in part, owe their very existence to the 1918 flu pandemic. In the midst of this … [Read more...]

Bartell’s becomes exclusive Girl Scout Cookie headquarters, helps organization finish important annual fundraiser

As we all hunkered down to flatten the coronavirus curve, there were unprecedented cancellations of annual events, gatherings and programs. Many local organizations rely on a variety of fundraising efforts … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley School District announces new grading practices during COVID-19 closure

Last week, Washington State OSPI released new school guidance and rules for grading after the COVID-19 crisis forced the closure of schools statewide. Taking key points from OSPI, the Snoqualmie Valley … [Read more...]

Inslee to extend stay home order; economic reopening plan unveiled May 1st; COVID-19 risk assessment dashboard rolled out

On Wednesday, April 29th, Governor Inslee announced a new COVID-19 risk assessment dashboard to help the state gauge when and how to best lift the Washington's stay home restrictions. After announcing he … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie enacts tougher domestic violence legislation

On April 27, 2020 the Snoqualmie City Council unanimously approved a new ordinance making it a crime to expose a minor child to domestic violence. According to the new law the council "found it to be in the … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Mill Site Development moves into Environmental Impact public comment period

On Monday, April 27, 2020 the City of Snoqualmie made public the long awaited Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the large, proposed Mill Site Development project. The DEIS was … [Read more...]

#SuperHeroDay: Snoqualmie Fire Firefighters gets special, anonymous gift

Did you know? April 28, 2020 is International #SuperHeroDay. In fact, Alexa even greeted me with her best super hero impression this morning. It started my day with a smile. And over the weekend an … [Read more...]

Easing coronavirus restrictions: some state parks, public lands, golf to reopen May 5th

Monday afternoon, April 27th Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced the partial reopening state parks and public lands for outdoor recreation, as well as golf, on May 5th. This includes day use of state … [Read more...]

Governor’s plan to restart ‘low risk’ construction means many North Bend, Snoqualmie development projects can resume

Washington Governor Inslee announced Friday, April 24, that certain low-risk construction projects  - that had already been underway - could restart as long as they can comply … [Read more...]

One of the Snoqualmie Valley’s most visible wild animal residents: the prolific Lagomorph

This time of year the pesky Lagomorph tortures my dog, tears up my garden, reproduces freely and poops indiscriminately….which the dog promptly eats as if it’s a delicacy from a five star … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley School board unanimously approves boundary change for Cascade View, Timber Ridge Elementary

On April 23, 2020 the Snoqualmie Valley School Board unanimously approved a district committee recommendation to change the attendance boundaries for Timber Ridge (TRES) and Cascade View (CVES) Elementary … [Read more...]

North Bend, Snoqualmie anticipate significant revenue shortfalls due to COVID-19 crisis

On Monday, April 20th the City of Issaquah announced that due to significant dips forecasted in sales tax, business & occupation tax and utility taxes, it was estimating nearly $10 million in reduced … [Read more...]

Inslee: ‘likely’ spread of COVID-19 declining in Washington, will not lift many Stay Home order restrictions by May 4th

Governor Inslee addressed the State live Tuesday evening April 21st to layout his plan for Washington's COVID-19 recovery, including when the economy may start to reopen. Out of the gate Inslee warned they … [Read more...]

Winning the real estate sale battle amidst COVID-19 blows

Wondering how home sales are proceeding during the COVID-19 pandemic? Well sometimes, it takes a lot of maneuvering and creativity. Here is the tale of one Eastside real estate transaction that defied the … [Read more...]

Guide to 2020 Snoqualmie Valley Farm Stands

[Article provided by Savor Snoqualmie Valley. Visit their website for more ideas and information about exploring the Snoqualmie Valley: ] Interest in local food has skyrocketed … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley History: nearly 90 years ago local schools, some businesses closed, children quarantined

According to the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum, the current closure of the Snoqualmie Valley School District due to the novel coronavirus is not the first time a potentially deadly virus has closed local … [Read more...]

‘Stay Home’ Artwork: enjoying the beauty of Snoqualmie sidewalk chalk

In this time of social distancing and exercise in our own neighborhoods, there's something I've enjoyed during walks over the past sunny week: Snoqualmie Sidewalk Chalk creations. They brighten my day - and … [Read more...]

Fire Blotter | helmet-less hoverboard accident; Tokul roundabout motorcycle accident; electrical shock at the fire station

April 4th At 1:10AM Snoqualmie Firefighters and Police responded to a 32-year-old male homeless patient near the Salish Lodge experiencing delusional thoughts. The individual was examined and transported to … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Tribe, Casino provide thousands of meals to local nonprofits

The Snoqualmie Tribe announced that in partnership with the Snoqualmie Casino, 4,000 frozen meals have been sourced and will be distributed through Snoqualmie Valley nonprofits to provide food to those in … [Read more...]

District considers school boundary change; potentially impacting one Snoqualmie neighborhood 3rd time in 10 years

The Snoqualmie Valley School District is currently considering an elementary school boundary change to deal with growth and crowding at Timber Ridge Elementary School, the district's newest and largest … [Read more...]