Snoqualmie Tribe, Casino provide thousands of meals to local nonprofits

The Snoqualmie Tribe announced that in partnership with the Snoqualmie Casino, 4,000 frozen meals have been sourced and will be distributed through Snoqualmie Valley nonprofits to provide food to those in need.

Community organizations receiving the meals include the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank, Fall City Community Pantry, Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services, Friends of Youth, and Trail Youth, in partnership with Helping Hands and the Snoqualmie Valley School District.

The first 700 meals were distributed last week to four Snoqualmie Valley elementary schools by the Helping Hands backpack program to help during Spring Break. The meals were provided to students served through the district’s meal distribution program – and fill a gap because that program does not cover school breaks.

“Being fairly new to this community, what has impressed me the most is the generosity of the various businesses, organizations and individuals in the Valley. This is a perfect example of such generosity. I so appreciate the Snoqualmie Tribe’s donation of over 4000 meals to be distributed to our most vulnerable individuals and those most in need,” said Rob Manahan, SVSD Superintendent.

He added, “The school district, while delivering food to our students and families over the last few weeks, recognizes the on-going and growing need within our community and are so thankful and appreciative of this generous action by the Snoqualmie Tribe.”

Snoqualmie Tribal Chairman Robert de los Angeles said, “In this challenging time that is affecting all of us, we feel compelled to do what we can to help our neighbors in the Snoqualmie Valley. It is only by pulling together that we can steer our way through this crisis to the other side.”

In addition to serving Snoqualmie Valley youth, the meals have been distributed to local food banks who have been seeing a steady increase in clients seeking nutritional assistance.  The food banks have also extended their service to provide support to vulnerable populations, including local senior centers.

“Although we are temporarily closed, we feel fortunate that we can still roll up our sleeves and contribute to our community’s recovery,” said Snoqualmie Casino Interim CEO and President Stanford Le.

Snoqualmie Tribe members and Casino employees pack meals for distribution. PC: Snoqualmeie Tribe

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  • There are such good stewards and community people. So sad our Mayor wastes so much of our money trying to defeat them for his private interests. Wasting millions of our tax money to defeat everything good. Including the natives.

    Is he from Larson Auto Group? They are tied to the lumber industries, and architecture…and that would all make sense, as to EVERYTHING. M larson is also an architect, and from their same place of origin. Must just be coinsidence he fights so hard for that cause.

    They have been trying to wipe out the natives and nature for a long time. Profits- what they coin “progress”.

    Larson autogroup would fits with Jeans from the Railroads, Ross from Paccar/Kenworth, Boeing in town, etc. Planes, Trains, and automobiles. Forget the people and the planet. There is oil to be sold!

    Those industries are the killers of our planet. The pushers for the petro industry. The reason for our 20 year war…the bankrupted nation.

    We love the tribe and they love their community.

    Tell Larson to take notes from the natives, and use his own money to try destroy our tribe. Maybe Larson autogroup can fund him, and Kenworth, and Bob Jeans, and Katherone Ross, personally. Since it benefits them personally. Instead of the voters.

  • Living Snoqualmie