As people ignore Stay Home order, road closure begins near Rattlesnake Lake Area in North Bend

North Bend residents living along Cedar Falls Road near Rattlesnake Lake have again taken to social media to express frustration as they witnessed many people ignoring the statewide Stay Home order and park/trail closures in place to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The first of many nicer days to come brought out more hikers and bikers, with more good weather expected this weekend and into next week. The Rattlesnake Lake parking lots are closed with warning signs posted, alerting users of the closure caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

The signs were ignored, though, with vehicles parked parallel to the lot. People were observed walking under the tape into the outdoor recreation area on Wednesday and Thursday.

Cedar Falls Road adjacent the entrance to Rattlesnake Lake Rec area, 4/9/20

Driving up to see for myself, I witnessed at least 40-50 cars parked along the road at 3:30PM on April 8th – and then more cars on April 9th.

Living very close to the area, it upset me to see people blatantly disobeying the order. I would love to take my poor dog up for a run, but haven’t.  It was difficult to resist the urge to stop cars and ask people why they were ignoring an order locals are trying to respect.

We contacted Seattle Public Utilities, which owns and manages the Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area, to ask if they are considering additional measures to get people to respect the park closure and stay home order.

Thursday afternoon SPU said, “Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area closed to the public on March 24 to reduce growing crowds and potential COVID-19 transmission. Steps are now being taken, including a road closure, to ensure public health guidelines can be followed.”

A few hours later Cedar Falls Road was closed just beyond Wilderness Rim, restricting access to Rattlesnake Lake and the ledge trailhead.

The King County Sheriff’s Office encouraged people to report possible violations of the statewide Stay Home Stay Healthy order to 206-296-1608. If there is no answer, callers are asked to leave a message. KCSO it is working to have a 24/7 line established soon.

Parking issues/violations near Rattlesnake Lake can be reported to the KCSO non-emergency line at 206-296-3311

Cedar Falls Road adjacent the entrance to Rattlesnake Lake Rec area, 4/8/20
Cedar Falls Road adjacent the entrance to Rattlesnake Lake Rec area, 4/9/20
Cedar Falls Road closed just beyond Wilderness Rim in North Bend, 4/9/20

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  • Not a lot left to say… this selfishness and complete disregard for others seems be make America somewhat unique… no surprise.

    1. Agreed, it’s quite selfish and disregarding to be shutting down society and putting 10% of the country out of work[1] when the fatality rate[2] for ages under 60 is 0.4% or less and for people who have no preexisting conditions is 0.9%.

      1. Dude no. You’re not understanding that young people are carriers and the reason so many older people are getting sick. As someone who went and saw their grandparents 3 times a week and being an essential worker its killing me that I CAN NOT go see them and risk having my extremely health compromised grandfather get sick. And because selfish people wont stay home to help stop this shit I have to go longer without seeing the people I care the most about. The amount of people we see in stores daily is ridiculous it’s the same amount we would see the day before a holiday EVERY SINGLE DAY! People line up by more than a hundred before stores even open now. Grocery workers (including vendors which I am) are now starting to get sick because they have to be at work and put themselves at risk cause so many people are buying a mass amount of stuff, most of which will most likely go to waste cause they either dont have the storage for it or just wont use it and bought it for the just in case. So stop with your the fatally rate under a certain age is so low so we shouldn’t have to stay at home. You people are the reason this will last longer than it needs to cause all you’re thinking is that this isnt that bad.. not for you but for the people this kills its terrifying. A coworker of mine thought she had it and she said it was one of the scariest weeks shes ever had not know if she had it and had spread it to people. So just stop. You’re not helping anyone saying how low the fatally rate is for younger people. You’re making more people think its not that big of deal if 100 people are on the same damn trail! That’s a 100 potential carrier’s that don’t know they are, that are now running around spreading it. Most younger people dont even know they have it as they dont develop symptoms besides maybe a mild cough or sore throat. So they run around giving it to everyone they’ve come in contact with. I would love to be outside enjoying this beautiful weather like I usually would be or at my grandmother’s helping her with her yard but I can’t, cause unlike you I understand what this actually means.

        1. Those same hundred people could be standing in line to get into Costco. On a trail in the forest they are very likely more than 6 feet apart.

        2. And yes, Scott, trails should be one of the first things that they open. But they aren’t NOW.

        3. It’s a pandemic. The 1918 pandemic was killing young people. Just because this was is killing the older population, you feel so entitled.

        4. Quit explaining the reasons to people why they should stay home. They actually already know why. They just don’t care who dies .

      2. I agree Scott, the concept of quarantine the healthy isn’t ok. This will still exist whenever we all go back to work, we are just prolonging they inevitable. It effects those over 60 and with compromised immunity, that’s the group that should be quarantined. It’s sad how quick we all are to give up civil liberties, and gleefully turn others in.

        1. The entire point of social distancing is not to overwhelm the hospitals like what is happening in NYC, New Orleans, Detroit, Italy, etc ..a point a lot of you seem not to be getting. If social distancing did not happen we would be seeing millions of people dying or seriously getting ill and then we would be stacking our dead in the streets. People can walk around in their own neighborhoods , they don’t need to go into small towns and put those residents at risk

          1. Omg you people are so stupid 🤦‍♀️ the entitlement that you all possess….just👏stay👏home👏 its not that difficult! In fact most dogs know how to do it…..soooo 🤷‍♀️
            Everyone is being punished because of you self righteous people. I’ll shout it out to all y’all in the back in case you didnt get the message STAY👏HOME👏👏👏

          2. Just because you aren’t showing symptoms does not mean you don’t have it you could just be a carriee. I get it, it sucks staying home. The longer you ignore the order the longer we are all stuck in quarantine. So just stay at home!!!!

        2. AGREED! This is America after all! I just think no one trusts the media or the government enough to be a prisoner in their home any longer! Inslee is proving to be quite the fascist.

      3. Wonder if you’d say the same thing of your mother or father were one of the victims.
        Also, you apparently do not appreciate how contagious this virus is. If other people didn’t comply, YOU would get sick.
        I stay home, cover my face etc. to protect YOU. I expect you to do the same for me.

        1. Should we do this for every contagious sickness that can (and will) kill people?
          Where should that line be drawn?

      4. 100% agree on this and I’m in the older age bracket affected by it. Rather have my kids and grandkids live a normal life than have to suffer through another recession/depression. I’d be up for having a goodnight pill should I get it. Trying to save everyone is not the answer.

    2. “Tom says
      April 9, 2020 at 8:31 PM
      Not a lot left to say… this selfishness and complete disregard for others seems be make America somewhat unique… no surprise.”

      clearly you haven’t been keeping up. Spain initially had a $200 Euro fine for being caught outside. That didn’t work so they upped it to $60k Euros. That worked.

    1. Keep hiking.. it can be spread airborne. Droplets can get in your nose, your eyes.. HELLOOOO? If you don’t think you can get it by being on a hike or outdoors go stand outside the hospital and help the first responders. Don’t wear a mask, and for sure be within 6 feet of others.

  • Closing the outdoors is NOT the answer. So long as people aren’t within 6′, there is zero justification for restricting this behavior. It doesn’t change the supposed goal, it doesn’t harm the greater good of the health of community (actually the opposite). It’s more dangerous inside a grocery store. Pretending otherwise is a lie. Turning up restrictions and punishment around being outside only causes people to lose faith in the goal. We are giving up our jobs, businesses, economy to “flatten the curve” not eliminate it. It is a social contract that is being renegotiated into tyranny under the guise of community health – it is being exposed as a lie.

  • Disagree.
    America is replacing “land of the brave” to “better safe than sorry”
    walking in the wood is deemed dangerous by autocrats…sorry…bureaucrats.
    Thank God I am getting out of Sodom…sorry…Washington soon. You guys go ahead and live this way, just don’t come to the sane states after you destroy this once great state.

    1. *land of the **free** HOME of the brave*
      If you’re going to quote the national Anthem, at least get it right

  • Scott, how many of those under 60s have infected those over 60? Do you know? That’s the point. Ignorance is not bliss, it could mean death to some others. You are the selfish one and your attitude is disregarding the health of others. You are the problem.

    1. Your question is overly simplistic unless you ask with the ending “How many, etc., …. in the woods.”

  • More misleading information on what Inslee’s Order says. It specifically designates hiking as an essential activity and allows it but requires social distancing while pursuing it. The parks took it upon themselves to close because too many people were going on the popular trails, punishing everyone for the bad acts of a few. There are many other unpopular trails where overcrowding is not a problem that are now closed. I have been not hiking as a result even though I support the parks every year by purchasing passes.

  • Funny how the author of this violated the non essential travel order because “she had to see for herself.”

  • Please call to report Melissa Grant. The evidence is in this post. She violated the non essential travel on more than one date as well.
    The King County Sheriff’s Office encouraged people to report possible violations of the statewide Stay Home Stay Healthy order to 206-296-1608.

  • Hold on there, don’t misquote me while criticizing me. I didn’t say “had to see for myself.” I said “Driving up to see for myself.” As you know anyone who is covering this story, or any story for that matter, has to verify information before declaring it true. So yes, in the process of covering what is going on in the valley I drove approximately 2 miles up my road. I write/report for Living Snoqualmie and the owner asked to verify the facts. Under Governors proclamation, we at LS are considered essential. You can look at the proclamation under the subheading communications if you have any further questions.

    1. Funny how reporters are “essential” but hiking outside is not! Asinine!! If people actually read history they would know that fresh air and sunshine helped quell the spread of the Spanish Flu. Which was FAR more contagious and lethal than covid-19. If every American want to listen to the media and their communist liberal leaders and give up all their rights, that doesn’t mean all Americans have to eat it up and give up their rights.

      1. No one said you can’t go outside and exercise. Just do it in your own neighborhood. This is how its supposed to work, you stay home and reporters tell you whats happening. I can’t vouch for the rest of the world but we do try to keep people informed on this little corner of the world. This is a small community whose resources can’t take the strain of an influx of thousands of visitors right now. Not to mention the resources that would be used by SAR if they have to go out and rescue people.

  • Ridiculous. This must be the safest activity to do outside with your clan. Those people are usually in our homes anyway. There’s no need to get close to others in normal times so you know they’re even mite careful now. Then you post a picture from last April of a crowd on to of the peak. Please don’t hype unnecessarily. It’s just dumm (sic).

    1. All the photos in the article were taken in the last two days. The photo in an earlier article of the top of the ledge was taken in late March by a local drone operator (His name escapes me at the moment. I will edit when I find it) This is not hype its truth.

  • Hiking is considered an essential activity under the Governor’s order and is allowed with appropriate social distancing. If you are going to complain about not being able to walk your dog in the park, you should be complaining to Hillary Franz. She is the one who decided to close every Washington State Park because too many kids gathered for lunch on Rattlesnake Ledge before the Governor’s Order was in place. This was an overreaction punishing everyone for the bad acts of a few and taking away our ability to maintain our physical and mental health through hiking.

    1. Hiking was considered an essential activity during SOCIAL DISTANCING. Now we are under a Stay Home, Stay Healthy mandate. You are allowed to go outside, but the guidance explicitly says not to drive places to go outside. People that want to go outside should only get places by walking/running/biking from their own homes. Hiking can also be a bad idea because most trails don’t allow 6ft for passing and hiking increases people’s risk of injury (thus needed hospitalization)j. If SAR is needed, a rescue will burn through significant amounts of PPE, and we don’t have. much to spare right now.

      This isn’t about delaying the inevitable. It is about keeping the number of cases low enough to not overwhelm our medical infrastructure and giving ourselves more time to build up medical supplies while investigating treatment options. If COVID cases get out of control, there will be too many people hospitalized for us to treat other medical emergencies, so even people without COVID will die.

  • Lyn please read the Mandate par.2(a)(4), where hiking is specifically exempted from the Stay at Home Order :
    It is very easy to maintain social distancing by moving off of a trail and allowing people to pass, and on many hiking trails you may only see one or two people on them. I should know I hike twice a week or I used to. Being in the fresh air poses negligible risk of spreading the disease and prevents many other problems, which will increase people’s health mental and physical health in general.

  • At risk individuals should quarantine. Lower risk individuals (or those who don’t care) should get back outside and back to work. Let the virus run its natural course. If it were about saving lives the CDC would do far better to outlaw cigarettes and send everyone back to work come Monday. But the CDC would never do that because it would infringe on choice.

    1. Well said Doug! It sounds to me as if all those folks parking along the road have actually figured out that they’re not spreading the virus by going for a hike. Good one on them! I feel so badly for the writer of this story’s dog. It must be going nuts. I’ve been using sensible social distancing tactics and being especially careful around possibly immuniocompromised or vulnerable people and I’m respectfully distant of others who are uncomfortable in this current environment. Other than that I’ve been doing my part by mountain biking, skiing or kayaking every day to keep my fitness level high. I’m approaching 60 so if I’m unfortunate to contract this virus it’ll be important that my fitness level is as high as possible going into it.
      As you could imagine, all this activity makes me pretty hungry, and feeling terrible for all of our local businesses and restaurants that have been put out of operation by the current mandates I’m certain to stop by and patronize their businesses to the greatest extent possible utilizing the safety protocols that they have set into place.
      So let’s see…….exercising every day to maintain health. Infecting no one by practicing careful and considerate protocols and doing my utmost to support local businesses. Outrageous behavior indeed…..or I could do something REALLY risky and take a legal stroll down aisle 6 at Home Depot.

      1. Ha! My dog is fine. We’re a little bored walking up and down our private road but we’re staying close to home as we’ve been asked. I’ll tell her you expressed concern for her 🙂

        1. Glad to hear that Melissa! And no disrespect intended. I’m a big fan of Living Snoqualmie and I appreciate what you all do. Also, thank you for providing the forum for civil discourse. Despite differences of opinions, it’s good to hear everyone’s views!

  • Whether or not you can spread this through hiking or other outdoor activities is irrelevant. I believe the idea behind the stay at home order and subsequent closing of parks was to keep people from DRIVING unnecessarily. This would in turn lower the amount of stops at gas stations, grocery stores, etc especially from those outside their respective communities.
    Is asking folks to stop driving for non-essential tasks for a few weeks really that big of an issue? I’m sure everyone has an opinion on the best way out of this mess, but a request was made to stop driving around for non-essential tasks with the intention of protecting those most vulnerable in our community. Hope everyone stays safe and enjoys this beautiful weather from the comfort of their homes and neighborhoods. Thanks for the writeup Melissa.

    1. You succinctly summed up the correct reason – to keep people from driving. Isn’t that Seattles primary agenda for themselves, the greater Puget Sound area, the State of Washington, the entire west coast? Pot shops and liquor stores are essential, but close all the parks, beaches, golf courses, trails, wilderness areas… We all (including government leaders) will learn alot from this as to what helped and what did not from our current experience of which none were prepared.

  • Having hiked there you cannot maintain 6 feet of distancing on the trail and definitely not at the ledge. There are a number of studies that point out that spray from particles is heavier while exercising so even 6 feet is not enough. Stay home or find some less traveled trails.

    1. Lynn hit the nail on the head. The problem with the Rattlesnake trail is just that. You cannot maintain the 6′ of distance, hence it should be closed. I am astounded by the anger or the feeling your “rights” are being taken away by asking you to stay at home. It’s an inconvenience for sure, but I will happily stay at home if it saves lives. I think everyone would feel differently if they had a loved one alone in a hospital, dying, on a ventilator, and you couldn’t even say goodbye. Let that resonate with you for a while.

      1. Doug u say let it run its coarse. So my 10 year old has a low immune system and is high risk. So I should just let it run its coarce and let him die is what ur saying. Wow!!! My beautiful son that I love more then anything in this world. I should just let him die? Is this what ur saying?

  • It makes me so sad that e everybody is fighting and down playing this so much. The comment “let it run its coarse” blows me away. If ur child or mother father ect.. had this and were dying alone would u still say this? I’m 50 years old I’m going to work 6 days a week and risking my own life to make sure I can pay rent and feed my child that is at risk of getting this virus. Shouldn’t we be coming together at this time helping each other that dont have jobs or food to feed there children? Shouldn’t we be loving are neighbor ? Shouldn’t we be less selfish and not saying let it run its coarce and saying what can i do to help? What can i do to help stop this? This isn’t just about contacting the virus . This is about our world is falling apart right now and what can we do to help it. New York has people dying bye the second. Children are going to bed hungry waking up hungry while ur I. Ur nice home with food on your table and u want to say let it run its course cause u cant go for a hike. I’m so blown away at ur ignorance. I’m so angry right now. Let it run its coarse??????? Would u say that if u had it? Are nurses and drs are contacting this and dying alone at home for trying to save people’s lives. There suffocating because they cant breath. If there is anyone on here that cant feed there children please reach out I will do what I can to help. I’m fortunate to still b working. My hours have been cut drastically but I will do anything to help my neighbor. Does anybody need anything?

  • I think some people here have misunderstood the concept of quarantine (and are likewise dangerously ignorant of epidemiology in general). The core idea is to isolate the sick in order to prevent transmission of the pathogen to the healthy. It’s not about isolating the vulnerable while allowing the virus to “run its course” through the general population. This is just about the most dangerous and potentially lethal action you can take, essentially enabling the virus to execute its programming (i.e., do what it wants) in an evolutionary sense. More specifically, mass spread of the virus, particularly among those showing few or no symptoms, facilitates its own adaptation via mutation in order to maximize its chances of persistence. In simpler terms, you will be making the virus stronger so it can kill you later even if it’s unable to do so just yet. I hate to sound patronizing, but I wish people would get at least a crash course in this area before both making personal choices during this crisis and voicing their opinions to influence our political leadership.

  • You are all missing the point. The main reason they have closed these parks, trails and the national forests. Yes stay home so you don’t spread the virus….however what happens when people are out doing these recreational activities? Accidents, thats what happens and people get hurt. Now you are endangering the first responders that have to come rescue your stupid butt, you’re taking up valuable resources and it all could have been avoided had you just stayed home. Blatant disregard for others. Smdh

  • Living Snoqualmie