‘Stay Home’ Artwork: enjoying the beauty of Snoqualmie sidewalk chalk

In this time of social distancing and exercise in our own neighborhoods, there’s something I’ve enjoyed during walks over the past sunny week: Snoqualmie Sidewalk Chalk creations.

They brighten my day – and they’re everywhere lately – so my husband started documenting this newfound sidewalk beautification.

My [now adult] kids loved sidewalk chalk when they were young… so your creativity and dusty masterpieces also bring nostalgia with my smiles and appreciation.

Years ago – in our first Snoqualmie home – we spent A LOT of time in the cul-de-sac with our neighbors. It was common to have wiffle ball games and chalk artwork sessions occurring simultaneously.

Drawings of whole cities were often the result. Little, colorful dusty hands were always the sign of good day outside with friends.

I imagine the same is true today. Maybe the whole neighborhood couldn’t come together for the drawings, but it seems families are… which is needed during these coronavirus quarantine days.

So keep drawing, Snoqualmie Valley. Keep making the sidewalks beautiful. And know that some walkers out there really appreciate it.

If you’ve got some chalk masterpieces you want shared, just email them to info@livingsnoqualmie and we’ll add them below.

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  • Wow, I loved those photos of the sidewalk chalk drawings! We never did anything that creative when I was growing up, but I always kept a pocketful of chalk to draw hopscotch squares. Keep the pictures coming! Luv ya lots!

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