North Bend Hosts Second Public Safety Meeting, Home Security Discussion with Police Chief

On May 16 2013, following a fatal home invasion, the City of North Bend hosted a well-attended Public Safety Community Meeting.  Topics included crime, trends and other public safety issues in and around North … [Read more...]

Power Restored to Areas of Snoqualmie after 3-Hour Outage

A Puget Sound Energy Representative said a power outage that affected about 675 Snoqualmie customers was expected to last until approximately 5PM, Tuesday, June 18, 2013, but PSE restored power at 3:30PM to the … [Read more...]

Twice in Six Weeks, Another Snoqualmie Child Falls out Second Story Window; Important Safety Prevention Tips

Unfortunately, for the second time in six weeks, a second Snoqualmie child fell out of a second story window.  The first incident happened on May 9, 2013. The second incident happened on Thursday, June 13, … [Read more...]

North Bend Says Hello to Frozen Yogurt, as The Swirl Opens its Doors

Attention! The City of North Bend just got its first frozen yogurt shop! The Swirl opened its doors this week, thanks to owner Deb Masters.  Deb has revamped the retail spot that was once home to The Reef … [Read more...]

Fall City Days, the Fun Happens this Saturday!

It's a community summertime tradition.  That Saturday before Father's Day - Fall City Days - celebrating the small town and residents of Fall City, WA.  This year it happens on June 15, 2013. The fund begins … [Read more...]

Helicopter Activity Over Mt. Si: Training, Not Rescue

We had a few inquiries today about the helicopters circling in the Mt. Si area. Good news, both Seattle Mountain Rescue and King County Search and Rescue report that there are no active rescue missions … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie City Updates: Q&A with Fire and Police Chief; No Leaving Kids, Pets in Cars; Arts Commission Needs New Member

Here's a few updates from the City of Snoqualmie that have come across the wire this past week: 70 Degrees Outside Equals 100 Degrees in Your Car As the weather gets warmer, the temperature inside a … [Read more...]

Mount Si High School Class of 2013, A Look Back at What Happened Along The Way

Today, June 7, 2013, on Wildcat Stadium Field, the Mount Si High School Class of 2013 graduates. These now young adults were defined by the historical events and technological advancements that occurred during … [Read more...]

Video: Snoqualmie Bear Fence Tightrope Walk… with Pizza

For the record, I do write stories about things other than bears, but it seems for the past couple of weeks, each morning I awake to new bear photos (and now videos) in my inbox.  The Snoqualmie bears are … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Tomorrow’s Schools Are Today’s Decisions

Ideas. Lots of ideas.  From the district and from parents.  Lots of opinions on what's needed for future education in the Snoqualmie Valley - something termed "21st century education." Opinions and ideas about … [Read more...]

This is Why Snoqualmie City Officials Plead with Residents to Put Garbage Cans Out the Morning of Pickup, NOT Night Before

There's a reason why Snoqualmie city officials ask (rather plead with) residents NOT to put out their garbage containers until the morning of their  collection day during spring and summer months. And it's a … [Read more...]

Amidst Safety Concerns, Parents Push to Fully Fence North Bend Elementary Playground, District Agrees

Last Friday, the Snoqualmie Valley School District took a proactive stance regarding a large unfenced elementary school play field, a playground area that's been at issue since December when a couple of parents … [Read more...]

Hiking Mt. Si Saturday? Bring a Bowl and Spoon, Local Hiker Part of Special Event Honoring 60-Year Anniversary of First Mt. Everest Summit

Now here's something local hikers don't usually experience while climbing nearly 4,000 feet to the summit of Mt. Si... someone on the trail handing out freebies, or cereal to be more specific.  But it's … [Read more...]

Nine Years Later, Tanner Jeans Bike Rodeo Still Teaching Kids Safety, Honoring a Special Spirit

Every June for the past nine years, The Tanner Jeans Memorial Foundation and the Snoqualmie Police Department have hosted The Tanner Jeans Bike Rodeo; a special event that honors Tanner’s memory and promotes … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Police Use Online Survey to Enhance Services, Gauage Community Perception on Public Safety

Just over a week after the City of North Bend and its police chief held a community meeting regarding public safety, the Snoqualmie Police Department is also seeking public input regarding safety. The … [Read more...]

Master Gardeners’ Tip of the Month: Container Gardening

Plant It In A Pot! No matter what you want to plant – salad makings, welcoming front porch plants or a screen for your patio, you can plant some version of it in a container.  All you need is an appropriate … [Read more...]

Bear Activity Returns to one Snoqualmie Neighborhood, Resident Captures Baby Bears’ Fence Tightrope Walk

On April 25, 2013, the City of Snoqualmie warned, "Bear activity may increase in Snoqualmie neighborhoods over the next few weeks as they look for food following winter months. This has been the pattern in the … [Read more...]

Question, What’s with All the Grass being Ripped out on Snoqualmie’s Swenson Drive?

It's been going on for a week now and the neighbors are getting curious. Stretching about 3/4 mile, from the start of SE Swenson Drive at Snoqualmie Parkway, and almost to the end of the Deer Park … [Read more...]

Fact or Fiction, Walmart Coming to Snoqualmie?

In the past two weeks, Living Snoqualmie has received a couple of inquiries asking if we know anything about the possibility of a Walmart coming to Snoqualmie. The last inquiry was very specific, claiming it … [Read more...]

State Patrol Looking for Aggressive Drivers on I-90 this Week, Taking to Skies to Find Them

I-90 drivers stopped for speeding, cutting off or driving aggressively around a large truck who didn't see a Washington State Trooper behind them, may need to look to the sky to understand how they were … [Read more...]