Attempted Break-in of Occupied Home, Male Suspect Reportedly Carrying Crowbar

The Snoqualmie Police Department responded to an attempted break-in Monday morning, March 23, 2015 in the Forster Woods neighborhood of North Bend, located just off the I-90 exit 31 interchange.

Snoqualmie Police Captain, Nick Almquist, confirmed via email that the attempted break-in occurred on Forster Blvd, near the entrance to large neighborhood, while the home was occupied.  The male suspect was reportedly carrying a crowbar.

Police conducted a K-9 search of the area, but did not yield any results. Captain Almquist stated the suspected burglar may have had a vehicle nearby used to flee the area.

At this time, the only suspect description police have to go on  is an “unknown male wearing blue jeans.”


Photo: Screenshots Google Maps





  1. Wow. Lots of people in North Bend are packing heat and sort of bored. Sounds like the burglar got off easy this time.

  2. He got off easy. Does he not remember that we’ve had a couple homeowners toast burglars over the last couple years. I live about 1/2 mile from there.. He was lucky it wasn’t my place.

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