Have you mailed that Ballot? If not, Snoqualmie mayoral Primary could be decided by record low voter turnout

It’s hard to believe that the primary race for Snoqualmie Mayor and one council position could be decided by about 2,000 voters – in a city with nearly 8,000 registered voters – but looking at ballot return statistic from King County Elections, it looking more and more likely.

According to King County Elections, as of Sunday, July 30, 2017, only 1,139 voters – or 15% – had mailed in their ballots for the August 1st primary where five mayoral and three city council candidates are hoping to be the top two voter-getters and move on to the November 2017 general election.

But it’s not too late. Ballots were mailed out July 12th. You just need to find them in that stack of summer mail. They can be mailed in – or dropped off (not stamp required) at the ballot box next to the Snoqualmie Library – until Tuesday, August 1st.

King County will release first August Primary results around 8PM on election night, and then update them each business day around 4:30PM until the results are certified on August 15th.

King County Elections is predicting 38% voter turnout of the summer primary – so maybe with last-minute voters Snoqualmie will exceed 2,000 ballots returned.

Tick-tick. We’ll keep you posted!




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  • I just dropped mine and my husband’s in the ballot box at the library, so increase your totals by 2. 😉
    We take voting very seriously, as a way of honoring those who have given their lives for our country and in gratitude for how lucky we are to be here.

  • This is so very important for our community. Many of us have expressed our concern over recent decisions regarding developments on the Ridge. My thoughts are with all of Snoqualmie and how it will affect our way of life. Please exercise your right to vote and drop your ballot off tomorrow at the box provided next to Snoqualmie Library. No stamp required. This is the only way our voice can truly be heard. Thanks.

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