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Snoqualmie Police Receive Reports of Two Possible Gunshots Heard on Snoqualmie Ridge Yesterday, Source Not Located

Yesterday, July 30th, around 4AM, numerous Snoqualmie Ridge residents reported hearing (and many wakened) by two loud booms.  Some reported it sounding like loud fireworks, others say it sounded like gunshots.  … [Read more...]

Good News! Guardrail Being Installed on Meadowbrook Way, Along Winding Section Between 202 and 384th

It's something I've always hoped for, especially when I drive Meadowbrook in the dark and/or in bad weather:  a guardrail.  This stretch of winding road between Highway 202 and North Bend Way can be … [Read more...]

Mount Si Baseball Head Coach, Elliott Cribby, Leaving For College Coaching Job

Mount Si Baseball Coach, Elliott Cribby, who lead Mount Si to the state tournament the past two seasons, and one state championship, announced he is leaving Mount Si in three weeks for a position at Abilene … [Read more...]

Reminder, Both Snoqualmie and North Bend Have Garbage Service, Even With Waste Management Strike

Over 150 Waste Management Recycle and Yard Waste truck drivers went on strike last Wednesday.  Garbage truck drivers, as a show of support, joined them on the picket line last Friday.  The strike, though, is … [Read more...]

Thank You Snoqualmie Valley for Helping a Little Blog Turn Two; Happy Birthday Living Snoqualmie!

Living Snoqualmie celebrates its second birthday today and I wanted to say thank you to anyone and everyone who's taken the time to read over the past two years.  So here it is: Thank you, thank you, thank … [Read more...]

Summer Travel Alert: More Rock Blasting Closures Scheduled for Snoqualmie Pass This Week

Have travel or vacation plans that take you over Snoqualmie Pass this week?  If so, it's time to plan for more rock blasting traffic delays.  With daylight sticking around longer, crews will close  I-90 over … [Read more...]

City of Snoqualmie Seeking Citizens to Serve on Pro and Con Committees for November Ballot Measure

Are you in strong support of Snoqualmie's November levy to help maintain public safety and preserve street, park and trail maintenance?  Are you firmly against the potential tax increase?  If so, the City of … [Read more...]

Bear Encounter Makes Local Teens Rethink Walking TPC Snoqualmie Ridge After Dark; Advice for Bear Encounters

It sounded like a good teenager idea at the time.  It was a warm night, the stars were out, so a group of teens decided to walk the TPC Snoqualmie Ridge golf course after dark last night. The group says they … [Read more...]

Baby Bear Garbage Can Rescue Promises to Make You Feel Good!

This video is circulating Facebook and YouTube.  With all the talk of bears and garbage, garbage and strikes around the valley, it seemed to fit in perfectly.  Plus, it makes you feel good. According to the … [Read more...]

Retraction for Email Subscribers: There IS Garbage Pick Up For Snoqualmie Today

My earlier story has been retracted.  There IS garbage pick up for Snoqualmie Thursday, July 26th.  Please disregard today's earlier story.  Waste Mangement drivers are on strike and many King County cities are … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie, We Have a Bunny Problem!

Don't get me wrong, bunnies are cute.  Baby bunnies are even cuter, but they are overtaking my yard - and I can't stop them. I spray repellent and it rains.  I've tried it all - putrified eggs, cayenne pepper, … [Read more...]

King County Waste Management Recycle and Yard Waste Drivers Go On Strike; Snoqualmie Collection Update

Teamsters 117 union leaders have been talking about a possible strike for two months now and according to Komo News it's finally happened.  Glad my Waste Management pick up day was yesterday. Waste Management … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Residents Will Vote This November on Tax Increase to Maintain Public Safety Levels

It's official.  If you live within the Snoqualmie City limits, you will be voting on November 6th whether or not to raise property taxes so the city can maintain public safety levels and keep up with street, … [Read more...]

Important Child ID Safety Event Happening at Snoqualmie YMCA Today and Tomorrow

The Snoqualmie Valley YMCA and New Life Insurance Company are bringing valley residents an important Child ID safety event today and tomorrow. Today, July 25th, and tomorrow, July 26th, from 4-7PM in the … [Read more...]

Update: Officials Ask for Public’s Help in Search for Missing Plane in Cascades

Here is the latest update in search for the missing plane in Cascades, including photos.  The noise of low-flying aircraft was heard in the Snoqualmie Valley area today, no word yet if it was from search … [Read more...]

Search Underway in Cascades for Missing Plane

I am guessing this search is happening further north than the Snoqualmie/North Bend area, but just in case it stretches further south, here is some information in case anyone sees or hears low-flying planes in … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Crush Baseball Comes to an End, But not Without Four Years of Memories, Lessons and Laughs

Our Snoqualmie Crush baseball days came to an end on Sunday – at the same Issaquah fields where my son began his Crush days four summers ago.  Back then the team was just a group of 9 and 10-year-old boys who … [Read more...]

August Primary Draws Near; Snoqualmie State Senate Candidate, Brad Toft, Receives New Endorsements

It's been a busy month for Snoqualmie businessman and Washington State 5th District Senate candidate, Brad Toft.  He and his wife Jill, welcomed their third child on July 2nd- right as the campaign trail leads … [Read more...]

Three New Valley Businesses Open This Week – a Deli, a Spa and a Childcare Center

The recession took its toll on local businesses, especially on Snoqualmie Ridge where many retail area store fronts sit empty.  You get more accustomed to seeing businesses close than new ones open.  This week … [Read more...]

Momma Bear Caught and Released; Bear Tip for the Week: Get Rid of Your Bird Feeder!

You probably recognize the picture.  This is the momma bear and cubs that climbed Snoqualmie homeowner, Megan Miller's, back fence to feast on her garbage can contents last month.  Megan thought she was sitting … [Read more...]