Baby Bear Garbage Can Rescue Promises to Make You Feel Good!

This video is circulating Facebook and YouTube.  With all the talk of bears and garbage, garbage and strikes around the valley, it seemed to fit in perfectly.  Plus, it makes you feel good.

According to the YouTube description, this Ruidoso, New Mexico momma bear sat by the garbage dumpster all night listening to her cubs cry, which also kept the rescue couple awake.  The next morning  Shirley and Tom Schenk (identified by Komo News)  decided to do something to help the momma bear and her trapped, dumpster-diving cubs.  Apparently this wasn’t the first time the couple has saved these stuck cubs, whom they nicknamed, “the three stooges.”

The video is simply called The Rescue.  Click the picture play.

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  • Shirley and Tom Schenk, you are wonderful, WONDERFUL people!!! Thank you for saving the bears!!!

  • Living Snoqualmie