Snoqualmie Police Receive Reports of Two Possible Gunshots Heard on Snoqualmie Ridge Yesterday, Source Not Located

Yesterday, July 30th, around 4AM, numerous Snoqualmie Ridge residents reported hearing (and many wakened) by two loud booms.  Some reported it sounding like loud fireworks, others say it sounded like gunshots.  There’s no doubt the ominous booms occurred, but the source was not determined and nothing suspicious was found in the area by police.

One Curtis Drive resident, Leslie Barlett, said one of the loud booms was accompanied by a flash of light.  She thought it sounded like a loud firework, saying the noise and bright light woke her at 4AM and she felt it happened directly across the street.

The booms were loud enough that residents from Carmichael Street to Cascade Ave near TPC Snoqualmie Ridge reported hearing the two, consecutive loud booms.

Snoqualmie Police did respond to a report of two gunshots by a resident on Rhododendron Drive yesterday at 4:10AM.  According to the department’s Public Information Officer, Becky Munson, “Officers responded to area shots were heard.  Officers drove through and walked the area for 25 minutes but were unable to determine where shots came from and saw nothing suspicious.”

Five other residents also reported the same thing to Snoqualmie Police yesterday.

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