Video: Snoqualmie Bear Fence Tightrope Walk… with Pizza

For the record, I do write stories about things other than bears, but it seems for the past couple of weeks, each morning I awake to new bear photos (and now videos) in my inbox.  The Snoqualmie bears are awake, hungry… and apparently now have a preference for pizza.  I am not sure anything else readers send in might top this one.

This latest bear tightrope walking adventure happened in the same Douglas Ave neighborhood where bears also apparently know Monday morning is garbage day, so have regular Sunday night dinner reservations with the garbage cans set out overnight in the area, which was featured in an earlier story.

This morning, an approximately 1-year old bear must have smelled some leftover pizza and was intent on grabbing a slice.  As we’ve learned over the past year, once the bears discover your neighborhood the WILL climb your fence if your garbage can is outside in the backyard – or your bird feeders, or your pet food.

Barb McDaniel was awakened today, June 6, 2013, around 4:30AM by bears in the woods behind her back fence.  And then much to her surprise, they tightrope walked the fence top (maybe these are the same bears spotted two weeks ago atop a fence a few blocks away on Carmichael Street) to access a neighbor’s garbage can and then walked the fence backward WITH a pizza box, dropped it, lowered itself down, got a slice and tightrope walked its way out with pizza in its mouth.

They are hungry, persistent and agile.  Barb caught the tightrope walk on video and sent it in.

Bear seeking out leftover pizza on Douglas Ave near SE Carmichael Street in Snoqualmie
Bear seeking out leftover pizza on Douglas Ave near SE Carmichael Street in Snoqualmie

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  • Tight rope walking bears? All acrobatic training for bears needs to be banned! Save the pizza!!!

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