Snoqualmie Infrastructure Project Increases Safety at Downtown Intersections

A City of Snoqualmie capital improvement project is making downtown intersections safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

The City’s ongoing Tree Streets Project is bringing notable improvements to the intersections of River/Maple/Doone and King/Maple/Olmstead.

Both intersections are the convergent points of three streets – as opposed to traditional, two street intersections – which had made their navigation challenging in the past.

These 5-way intersections were enhanced by extending curbing and sidewalks, relocating stop signs and adding ADA ramps.

The extended curbs allow for modified lane alignments to increase driver visibility, improve crosswalk placement and shorten the distance between the ADA ramps to increase pedestrian safety. The new trees and other landscaping installations will beautify the historic downtown corridor.

Approximately 75% complete, the Tree Streets Project also installed new water and stormwater mains and pipes in the areas of Maple Ave, Pine Ave, Cedar Street, Doone Ave, and King Street.

The project has been delayed by a regional concrete workers strike in recent months. Remaining items to complete include final concrete curb and crosswalk work, sidewalks, landscaping, planting of two Heritage Trees and final pavement overlay. 

The City estimates the project will be complete by early summer 2022. Still, like many other projects in the Puget Sound region, that schedule may be impacted by the ongoing concrete strike.

The $3.4 million Tree Streets Project is part of the 5-year, $17 million Downtown Snoqualmie Utilities Capital Improvement Plan designed to replace aging water, sewer and storm infrastructure to increase reliability and longevity of the systems as well as improve driver and pedestrian safety in the area.

Please visit the Tree Streets Project page for more information.

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie]

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