City Begins Downtown Utilities Improvements on ‘Tree Streets’ in July

The City of Snoqualmie continues its downtown improvements to utilities and stormwater infrastructure. The next phase takes place along Maple Avenue SE and Doone Avenue SE, King Street, and Pine Ave SE.

Improvements include replacing water and sewer mains; installation of storm drainage systems, sidewalks, and ADA accessibility ramps; and street improvements consistent with City of Snoqualmie adopted standards.

Most of the sanitary sewer and water system in this area has reached or surpassed its functional life and has significantly deteriorated in recent years. This project will replace mains with better and longer-lasting products and install storm drains. In addition, the project will improve vehicular and pedestrian safety while enhancing the beauty of the downtown area through tree planting. 

The city will install islands at the intersection of Doone Ave. SE, Maple Ave. SE, and River Street, along with the intersection of Maple Ave. SE, Olmstead Ave. SE, and King Street. These islands will include heritage trees and ground cover enclosed by fencing. 

Information about the project is available on the city website.

Project Elements

  • New pavement on Maple Ave. SE, Doone Ave. SE, King St., SE Cedar St., Pine Ave. SE, and the northern half of 80th St. SE.
  • New curbs and gutters (in most sections).
  • New ADA accessibility ramps and sidewalks along King St.
  • Replacing existing water and sewer pipes.
  • Added water, sewer, and stormwater mains in some areas.
  • Enhance the intersections of Doone Ave. SE, Maple Ave. SE, and River St.; and Maple Ave. SE, Olmstead Ave. SE., and King St. with heritage trees and ground cover. 
Tree Streets

 Effects on Residents: June 2021 through November 2021

  • The project will move from street to street and will not affect the entire neighborhood at any one time.
  • Temporary traffic stops or street closures may be required. Flaggers will be present. 
  • Some sections of roadway may be temporarily closed during paving. Signage will be on roadways prior to the start of paving.
  • Occasionally, a driveway or roadway may be temporarily blocked, in which case the affected resident(s) would need to temporarily use approved street parking in nearby areas until work is completed. Notice will be given prior to closure.
  • In areas under construction, on-street parking will be restricted.

For more information, please contact Brian Coleman at or 425-831-4919.

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