Snoqualmie City Council says No to ‘Wildcat Way,’ Yes to Funds for Downtown Ice Skating Rink

No to ‘Wildcat Way’

On Monday, May 12, 2014, in a 4-3 vote, the Snoqualmie City Council rejected Resolution 1242, which proposed the secondary naming of the section of Meadowbrook Way adjacent Mount Si High School – calling it ‘Wildcat Way.’

In the close vote, council members Holloway, Peterson, Prewitt and Wall said no to the secondary naming.

In an earlier story, past MSHS ASB member, Kelby Kilburn, who first proposed the idea to the Snoqualmie Planning Commission, said some of the original opposition to ‘Wildcat Way’ centered around the additional naming leading to more requests for other such designations and the historical significance of the Meadowbrook Way name.

Yes to Downtown Ice Rink

The council, though, said yes to helping fund an outdoor ice rink in downtown Snoqualmie this winter – similar to the rink in downtown Bellevue during the holiday season.

The council voted 7-0 to approve a contribution of $150,000 toward the operating costs of a seasonal ice rink to be open November 2014 though January 2015. The vote also authorized Mayor Larson to approve a contract for the rink.

The ice rink was proposed by the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce. Chamber President, Nate Perea, explained in a proposal letter that the rink could bring a “festive atmosphere and healthy activity” while attracting thousands of visitors to downtown Snoqualmie, giving the area an economic boost.

Perea estimated the rink, proposed for the empty King Street lot, could draw about 25,000 visitors to Snoqualmie during the holiday season, which is about 30% of what Bellevue’s rink draws during the winter.

Downtown business owners, as well as the Snoqualmie Economic Development Commission, all signed letters of support for the ice rink.

The Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce would be in charge of planning, procurement, operations and marketing of the ice rink and events at it.

Bellevue Ice Rink. Photo: web screenshot
Bellevue Ice Rink. Photo: web screenshot


Garbage Regulation Ordinance

At the same meeting, the council referred the proposed ordinance regulating when City of Snoqualmie residents could place their garbage containers curbside back to the Public Safety Committee for further work.

The ordinance was proposed as a way to alleviate wildlife activity (bears) in city neighborhoods, setting guidelines for exactly when garbage containers could be placed out for pickup – no earlier than 6AM on the day of collection – and imposing possible fines when homeowners disregard the guidelines and attract wildlife with non bear resistant containers.



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  • Just to clarify-in the first paragraph you correctly stated that Wildcat Way was a secondary name to Meadowbrook Way. It was never suggested to be a re-naming, as mentioned in the second paragraph, of Meadowbrook Way- just an honorary addition for school pride, as many of the other high schools on the Eastside have done.

  • The honorary naming of Meadowbrook Way, to “Wildcat Way”, was intended to recognize the current and past students, supporters, administrators and teachers of Mt. Si High School. The idea was first brought forth and was unanimously supported by all of the Commissioners on the City of Snoqualmie Planning Commission. Many city administrators, including Mayor Matt Larson, also supported the proposal.

    The students that attended the city council meeting and spoke on behalf of the honorary renaming were very articulate and courageous to push forward an idea that they believed in. Everyone should be proud of those students and the supporters of a great gesture and idea. Perhaps in a few years, attitudes or faces on the council will change and the school and it’s students will receive this small, but well deserved, recognition.

    Danny Evatt
    Commissioner, City of Snoqualmie Planning Commission

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