Council Controversy: Deciding if Meadowbrook Way Should Also Be Known as ‘Wildcat Way’

In April 2013, Mount Si High School ASB member, Kelby Kilburn, went to the City of Snoqualmie Planning Commission requesting that the portion of Meadowbrook Way SE in front of Mount Si be given the honorary street name ‘Wildcat Way’ for the school’s mascot.

The Planning Commission then unanimously approved a resolution recommending the honorary ‘Wildcat Way’ naming.

According to Kilburn,  between that 2013 passed resolution and January 2014, the project was ‘in limbo,’ with him never quite knowing where the idea stood.

Recently, Kelby says the whole process was restarted, with Planning Commission once again pushing for the resolution meadowbrookwayrecommending the secondary/honorary Meadowbrook Way naming from Railroad Ave to Park Street.

Last week, in a 2-1 vote, the Parks and Planning City Council Committee recommended taking the Wildcat Wa resolution to the April 14th Snoqualmie City Council meeting for full council consideration.  At the last minute, though, a vote on the resolution was delayed due to one council member being absent from the meeting.

Councilman Kingston Wall was the committee member voting no. Wall stated via email that he that he intends to share his views on the issue “candidly” at the April 14th council meeting.

Councilwoman, Heather Munden, who sponsored the ‘Wildcat Way’ resolution, said there are still “some mixed reviews about making this honorary street name designation, but support has been growing.”

Munden said via email she originally thought the resolution would pass without difficulty when it was first presented in 2013, but no council action was taken.

Kilburn said some of the original opposition to the idea revolved around the honorary naming leading to more requests for other such designations; street signage costs; possible vandalism of the signs from other schools; and the historical significance of the Meadowbrook Way name.

There is also the issue that the council said no to renaming Meadowbrook Way for Marine Lance Cpl. Eric L. Ward, a 2008 MSHS graduate who died in Afganistan in 2010. Kilburn thinks some council members could feel torn by saying yes the Wildcat Way name after saying no to the request to honor Ward with the street name.

Regardless of the history, ‘Wildcat Way’ is on the city council agenda tonight.  City staff  recommends the council approve Resolution 1242 – the honorary naming of a section of Meadowbrook Way SE to Wildcat Way.

Snoqualmie Valley Schools Superintendent Joel Aune and School Board President Geoff Doy signed the district’s official letter of support in March.  Councilwoman Munden says Mayor Larson has also formally endorsed the secondary naming. The Mount Si High School ASB stated it will pay for the new signage and no addresses will needed to be changed as the Wildcat Way name is a secondary designation.

According to a council meeting agenda analysis of the resolution, “Establishing an honorary designation of Wildcat Way will help foster civic pride in Snoqualmie Valley’s only high school, which is a long-standing critical part of our community.”

Whether the city council will approve the resolution is all that’s left to be decided at an upcoming meeting.


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  • It is exciting to see student leadership and community members get behind the proposed Wildcat Way. There is also widespread support from the mayor, city staff, Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce, SVSD Board President, and SVSD Superintendent. Even with all this support, it is also important to hear directly from community members, as it is expected for there to be a close city council vote.

    There are many goodwill and community-building aspects associated with taking action. MSHS Senior John Hunt initiated a community petition that can be accessed at the following link:

    Regardless of your stance with this community project, I encourage you to voice your opinion, whether it is by signing John’s petition or attending the May 12th City Council meeting at Snoqualmie City Hall, starting at 7:00 PM.

    Thank you for your time with this unique community project.

    Heather Munden
    Snoqualmie City Council
    Position No. 5

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