North Bend Considers Video Cameras for Crime Prevention, Launches Citizen Survey

The topic of surveillance cameras to help with North Bend law enforcement isn’t a new one.

Following a much-publicized fatal North Bend area home invasion in May, public safety meetings discussed increased drug use in city parks and a TV news story reported on the city councils’ consideration of video cameras as an extra law enforcement tool.

The discussion is now making it to the next level as North Bend asks residents how they feel about those potential cameras.

The City of North Bend announced Monday, September 16, 2013, that it is considering using video cameras to support crime prevention at the North Bend Train Depot. According to the survey, North receives frequent complaints about illegal activity, including use of hypodermic needles and illegal drugs at the park adjacent to the Train Depot

According to the city announcement, “Any camera would not be used to issue traffic infractions, civil violations or for general surveillance.”

Citing concerns over individuals rights to privacy, city officials requested a survey be put out to residents to gather community feedback regarding video surveillance cameras in the city.

Residents are encouraged to answer the survey questions HERE.


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  • I am all for whatever it takes to help our police force. . the cam is a bone of contention for many reasons.. how about a foot/bike patrol in those places that need extra attention? I understand cost.. however. .the cost to the community for cams cannot be inexpensive. The value of having a human being on site versus a cam is, in my opinion, of much higher value. Has this been considered? Studies and committees are of even less value.. let’s get a decision made and protect.

    1. I know in March when Snoqualmie Police take over patrolling the North Bend city limits, an extra officer will be added to the force, dedicated to North Bend patrols I believe.

  • Cameras aren’t an answer. It’s a cheap(er) band-aid “fix” to give the impression that something is being done. Put a 2-person bike patrol team in place and this issue (and many others) are taken care of. People, not lazy applications of technology are the solution.
    If you put a camera up, the problem simply moves just out of shot further into neighborhoods. And no one wants that.

    1. Agreed, I’d rather bike patrols to cameras- they are far more effective. That said, the only way to truly be safe- is every individual protects themselves. Police are re-active, not pro-active.
      People should stand up for their community and talk to those committing “crimes” and ask them to not do it in parks, near their kids, or their homes. Call the cops of they don’t listen, detain them. Bottom line, everyone is responsible for safety, not some centralized, in-effective, city government and it’s even more in-effective reactionary police force…

  • While I wouldn’t want a camera on every street, I think it makes sense to add surveillance to areas of higher crime concentration. I’d love to see a camera by the skate park at Torguson too.

  • I don’t understand why this is even being discussed. Every city in the country, in a similar situtaion, just does it. Cameras are cheap, effective and ubiqitous in society today. Extra officers is a great plan, but who pays for it? Anyone up for a tax increase? Our leaders need to do what they were elected to do, lead. Resorting to surveys on the minutia of ciuty business is a waste of time and makes me wonder if the leadership team is capable of making a timely and effective decision?

    1. You scare me lol. Recklessly allowing even a city government to waste tax dollars on cameras is insane. You obviously haven’t researched camera’s effectiveness either….

      If you’re ok with wasting tax dollars of others for this, then put your money where your mouth is- you can personally hire private security guards to patrol North Bend, or the parks 24/7.

      Don’t waste my tax dollars on something you want. Man up and get a private security patrol fund going with people who agree with you.

  • This seems quite scary to me and help drive us further into a police state. Camera’s do nothing to enforce, or mitigate crime (you people should educated yourself):

    Crime can only be mitigated by us, the individual citizens protecting ourselves and “policing” our own city. Police are by definition responding to something that already happened, and thus makes them relatively in-effective in most scenarios. If you as a citizen of North Bend, care about our safety, you will realize only YOU can make a difference. When you see people doing something illegal- talk to them, detain them, call the cops. Educate them about what is wrong, engage your neighbors in watching out for one another. Education through community interaction- solves crimes. Not mindless cameras, brainwashing, and wasting of our money.

    Communities drive away crime, not police, & certainly not cameras. Wake up people- you are in control of your own life, your own community, wasting tax payer dollars wont change a damn thing.

    Proud resident of North Bend.

  • Dont let conspiracy theorists steal this decision. One slanted website does not make a fact, and even if it did, doesn’t mean that the fact is right for our community.

  • Living Snoqualmie