North Bend Home Invasion Twice in Twelve Hours; Intruder Killed by Homeowner

An intruder was stabbed and killed during a home invasion in a quiet North Bend neighborhood early Monday, May 13, 2013.

Many North Bend residents reported a large police presence Sunday afternoon, May 12, 2013, in this same North Bend neighborhood near the Nursery at Mount Si on 420th Ave SE.  NBhomeinvasion

Deputies responded to the home on Sunday when a woman, Tennyson Jacobson, who was home with her infant daughter and mother, called 911 after an intruder entered the house through an unlocked back door, assaulted and robbed her.

After the suspect fled, police conducted a K-9 search of the area, but were unable to locate him. One nearby resident reported that at least six King County Sheriffs vehicles were on the scene and officers had “a perimeter set up by Mountain Meadow Farm and the Mount Si Nursery,” adding that at around 4PM police were gone.

Then around 1AM, May 13th, King County Sheriff Officers were called back to the North Bend home when an intruder again entered the home with the family inside.  A struggle ensued between Jacobson’s husband, Kyle, and the intruder.  In an effort to help her husband, Tennyson stabbed the intruder with a kitchen knife.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police believe the same man who broke in Sunday afternoon was responsible for the overnight home invasion, but are unsure why the home was targeted.  King County Sheriffs spokesperson, Cindi West, said it does appear that the incidents were random, that the homeowners did not know the intruder.

The story will be updated and more information becomes available.



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  • Hi Dana,
    I think it is interesting that nothing is being reported about the “intruder”. No description, etc. I believe we need some follow-up reporting on identification of the “home intruder.” maybe you can help

    1. Hi David… I am trying to work on that…. I am very aware of some of the issues North Bend has been experiencing in recent months.

  • This sounds a lot like what our Clark County Sheriff Deputy described as a “Spice Smoker”. What amounts to lighting up a glass pipe of bath salts. It mess’s ya up to a point where you have no boundaries. Like the guy that jumped two fences into my yard and come up to my girlfriend telling her “Its alright”. Then began ripping my faucet freeze cover off the house to gain access to a drink of water, he says. She came running in the house telling me we have a prowler. When I confronted him with my .357 he changed his tone ran across the yard and jumped the gate. It all happened fast, but this guy had no reserves to helping himself to my house, fences or girlfriend. To his credit, I told him that is the best and surest way possible to get shot and there was no argument.

  • Living Snoqualmie