Zebra T-Shirt Fundraiser to Aid Fire Victims: 25% of Profits Donated to Support Recovery Efforts

In response to the recent devastating fire in Downtown Snoqualmie, Living Snoqualmie has initiated an effort to support the affected community members. Today, we are launching a special fundraiser centered around selling zebra-themed t-shirts. This fundraiser will run until May 15th, so we encourage you to act fast and show your support.

This is inspired by last week’s unexpected events in North Bend, when a group of zebras detoured from their route, triggering a large-scale rescue operation.

As the community rallies together to ensure the safety of the last missing zebra, we decided to harness this spirit of unity and extend it to those impacted by the recent fire in downtown Snoqualmie.

The zebra-themed t-shirts, featuring eye-catching designs inspired by the recent escapade, will be sold to raise funds to support fire victims’ recovery efforts. Jacqui Lott and Josh Tuininga of North Bend’s The Medium created the design, a variation on Living Snoqualmie’s banner, for free. Dark Horse will print the shirts, and a pick-up location will be announced shortly after May 15th

We pledge to donate 25% of the profits from selling these shirts directly to aid those affected by the fire.

The t-shirts can be purchased through Living Snoqualmie’s new online store. We encourage community members to join this collective effort to assist and support those in need.

As the search for the missing zebra continues and the community remains hopeful for its safe return, this fundraiser will hopefully serve as a reminder of the resilience and compassion that define the spirit of Snoqualmie Valley.

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  • Can you arrange for kid size T-shirts? This is very exciting for the kids in town and of course in North Bend and they are perhaps even more concerned about the zebra than adults.

  • This is great! I would buy a couple of these T-shirts, if only they weren’t black. If there’s a second run, it would be great if you made them in blue: any blue!

  • This was a quick decision with the easiest color. I’ll look at all these suggestions and see what we can do in the future!

  • I live out of town and ordered 2 t-shirts. My son lives in Snoqualmie and will pick them up. What ID does he need? I’ve already forwarded him the text order confirmation.

  • Living Snoqualmie