WSDOT to re-stripe busy I-90/SR 202 Roundabout to ease Driver Confusion

The City of North Bend said the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will re-stripe the Exit 31 Roundabout on Wednesday, May 11th from 9 AM to 3 PM in an effort to ease driver confusion.

WSDOT plans on re-striping the roundabout into a single-lane, minimizing the confusion they say drivers often experience with the current two-lane channelization. This re-striping will include the I-90 off ramp, generating a right-turn only lane and directing only the left lane to enter into the roundabout.

No road closures are planned. Traffic impacts will be limited to single-lane and shoulder closure. Local access will be maintained and delays should be minimal.

WSDOT installed the roundabout at the busy intersection of the I-90 exit 31 off ramp and SR 202 in 2007 at a cost of $1 million.


I-90/SR 202 Roundabout in North Bend at exit 31.
I-90/SR 202 Roundabout in North Bend at exit 31.


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  • LOL, how smoothly our government runs eh? We have lived here 7+ years and we take a different route home to avoid this “cluster” .. I never have understood how planning is so screwed up. We pay, taxpayers, millions, billions on crap systems. The folks that “create” the disasters continue to work, be contracted and spend our monies and don’t ever face the consequences of the bullshit they cause. I get it that government is not a “business” but hell, couldn’t they just act like intelligent folks? You know California has one of the finest, admittedly chaotic, road system in our country. Why don’t we emulate the planning process for the future? Take what they have learned and educate those that we pay for making the decisions? Nah. we just re spend.. over and over on errors, mistakes, blatant misuse of funds.. and nobody, nobody ever takes the hit. They just keep on screwin up! why? oh WHY? someone. .please tell ??

  • Some traffic engineer took a trip to Europe and saw how well(?) roundabouts worked, problem is they didn’t take into consideration that the roundabouts in Europe predate the automobile. The roundabout north of 90 on West Lake Sammamish has been redone 3 times so far, there are a couple that work OK but most are a disaster, they need to be designed so that the cars entering can tell which direction the cars inside are going to go for a smoother flow, the one at 90 and 202 is messed up because the cars exiting 90 pretty much have to come to a complete stop before entering all the time. I almost center punched a Honda car with my truck at the tribes roundavertisementbout because she cut from the outside lane to my inside lane, good thing one of us was paying attention.

    1. So true, some passive-aggressive in the Snoqualmie Public Works department apparently takes pride in making your daily commute more even difficult. Their most recent “accomplishment” – the signal sensors on the Parkway southbound past Douglas are now set to stop traffic, even if there’s no cross traffic, even at 5AM.

  • USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL! It’s so simple, yet no one uses it, why!?! You signal going into the roundabout, you signal when exiting the roundabout. There is no confusion, no mind reading, and it’s safe.

    If you venture to Europe you’d learn that most roundabouts have no striping at all. As roundabouts are made to reduce the drivers speed to under 25mph to prevent accidents and confusion yet maintain flow.

    However, often I have seen this particular roundabout be treated like a traffic circle, with drivers in excess of 25mph. I have also seen many inexperienced drivers clueless how a roundabout works and come to a full stop in the middle of it, which is ridiculous.

    I’m glad to hear the DOT is making an effort to help these clueless drivers, just not sure why they waited till the stripping was faded and almost gone to improve the stripping.

  • Living Snoqualmie