Witnesses Needed For A Fatal Hit And Run On I-90

At approximately 2:45 am on July 6, 2024, Washington State Patrol (WSP) communications received 9-1-1 calls reporting a serious collision Westbound I-90 near MP 27.

Once troopers arrived, they found a motorcycle rider in lane four who had struck an elk. Further investigation revealed that after the rider struck the elk, they were struck by a white camper van, which pulled over briefly and left the scene.

Unfortunately, the rider did not survive. Several witnesses stopped to help the rider and described the same sequence of events; however, no one was able to obtain a plate for the white camper van or a description of the driver.

WSP detectives are asking anyone with information on this tragedy who has yet to be interviewed to email Detective Haake at Russ.Haake@wsp.wa.gov.

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  • Don’t the traffic cams provide images, crossreferenced to witness time stamps to determine who owns the van.

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