What’s that big Blue Box? King County Elections making it easier for Snoqualmie Valley voters

King County Elections is making it easier for Snoqualmie Valley voters to cast their ballots in the upcoming November election – even giving an option that eliminates the excuse, “Crud, I don’t have a stamp so I can’t vote.”

King County Elections said in an effort to make sure communities all over the region have increased access to voting in the November 8th General Election, 14 new ballot drop boxes will be added around the area.

Earlier this year, the King County Council passed legislation aimed at growing voter turnout – and requested the Director of Elections increase the number of drop boxes available to voters in all nine Council Districts.

In August King County Elections said they had strong voter turnout rates for three new ballot drop boxes they installed in Southeast King County for the August primary election.

In total 19 new drop box locations were made available for that Primary Election, with 14 more currently being in placed for the November General Election.

And it appears the Snoqualmie Valley is one of the places that got one of those new ballot drop boxes. Right outside the King County Library on Center Blvd in Snoqualmie – a big blue and white drop box popped up over the past couple of days. In the past [usually] the closest ballot drop box to Valley was in Issaquah.

Stamps are not required for ballots dropped in these boxes, but they must be placed in the drop box by 8PM on election night in order to be counted. According to the King County Elections website, drop boxes are usually available about 30 days before an election date.

Happy voting Snoqualmie Valley!

Oh, and it’s still not too late to register to vote if you’re new to the area or just haven’t done it yet… you can even register online until October 10th or in person until October 31st.

Visit King County Elections for more information.


King County Election drop box that showed up outside the Snoqualmie Library the week of September 19th.

King County Election drop box that showed up outside the Snoqualmie Library the week of September 19th.




  1. Renae Tawney says

    There was a “ballot drop box” at the Fall City Library a few years back but it was removed..

  2. What a difficult decision this must been. Your government in action. Altus, citius, fortius.

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