UPDATED: Washington State Patrol Statement on Saturday’s Fatality Collision

UPDATE Sunday 10:38 PM: Sadly the driver of the second car died at Harborview Medical Center.


At approximately 3:45 Saturday, September 18th, a 2016 gray Lincoln SUV was traveling eastbound on I90 near milepost 25 and hydroplaned due to the wet roadway

The vehicle lost control and crossed the median entering the westbound lanes where it was struck by a 2008 Honda CRV.

Both vehicles came to rest in lanes two and three of Westbound I90. Unfortunately, both passengers in the Lincoln SUV, a 42-year-old male and a 34-year-old female, were deceased at the scene.

The driver of the Honda CRV was taken to Harborview Medical Center. All involved were wearing seatbelts at the time.

Both cars were totaled. The cause was noted as “speed too fast for weather conditions.” The roadway was blocked for approximately three hours

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    1. There is a wide grass median with trees etc. But with the speed the Lincoln must have been going and the poor drainage on that section, not much would have stopped it.

  • And they need to lower the speed limit on I-90 down to 60mph in this area. Way too many accidents and people speeding!!

    1. No, I don’t think so at all. Drive for the conditions, not the posted speed limit.
      This stretch of highway is notoriously dangerous with hydroplaning – especially on the uphill ascent towards exit 25 eastbound – that section is extremely slippery when raining.
      At the very least, a jersey barrier between east and westbound lanes, and / or additional signage to warn of hydroplaning when raining.

    2. Absolutely. Because personal responsibility and the desire for self preservation has failed for the millions of people who drove through here over the years and didn’t die. Also, make sure you wear your mask while driving. It would be horrible if other drivers didn’t think you were virtuous enough. And make sure you install your “vaxilizer” to keep your car from starting until it authenticates your vax-pass. And your life vest too. Standing freeway water is a serious drowning hazard!

  • You cannot control the weather. I remember back in I believe the 80’s when we had compact ice and snow on I 90 for almost the whole month of November on the way into Seattle of cars spun out on the hill and people standing in the middle of the freeway. and I turned around and went home a few times. People need to learn how to drive in consideration of road conditions. If you have been here for any period of time you will find cars being abandoned in snow conditions and roads being almost completely blocked.

    1. Yes, and the spot where this accident occurred is dangerous during heavy rains, because the rain rolls west down the I-90 hill like a chute, leaving standing water at the base… which drivers don’t expect to see, especially as they are coming eastbound around a curve, downhill.

  • It’s wonderful that one can signal his virtue by introducing masks in a discussion of a fatal accident caused by the ignorance of the driver as to the physics of hydroplaning, the same type of ignorance as the virtuous commenter’s . On the highway, in the ICU, the arrogant patriot chooses his deathbed with his ignorance, and only his family weeps. The species is strengthened by the death of the arrogant one.
    Hydroplaning occurs when the water film on the highway combined with the velocity of the vehicle is sufficient to lift the tire from the road surface. NASA studies determined that hydroplaning speed, in miles per hour, can start at approximately 10.4 times the square root of tire pressure when in as little as 0.1″ (1/10 inch) of water. A vehicle running 32 psi in the tires then, can hydroplane in a puddle at 59 MPH. Tires at 36 psi can hydroplane at about 63 MPH. Traction control does not help in these situations as the tires are hydroplaning and have no traction to control. Whether you wear a mask or not, when driving in heavy rain, slowing to a bit below 60 MPH will give you a good chance to avoid hydroplaning. Virtue, being a jerk, and physics are unrelated. You can find the NASA study here:
    It’s shameful that the freedom of the Lincoln’s driver to speed took everything from the Honda driver. But according to some, posting caution signs would steal freedoms from all.

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