Village Pharmacy Closing, Leaving No Place to Fill Prescriptions in Snoqualmie

Word travels fast in a small town that has only one place to fill a prescription –  and that one independent pharmacy decides to close its doors.  And that’s exactly what happened in Snoqualmie today, July 9, 2013.

It is official.  Monday, July 22, 2013 marks the last day of business for small Village Pharma,  ,located inside the Snoqualmie Ridge IGA.  For the first timeIGAPharmacyClosing in at least 15 years, Snoqualmie residents will not be able to fill a prescription within the city limits.  Come July 23rd, the closest pharmacy options will be 5-7 miles away in North Bend at the QFC, Safeway or the new Bartell Drugs opening this fall.

Employees of the Snoqualmie Ridge IGA said that its owners aren’t happy about the closure, commenting that the pharmacy brings additional business to the small grocery store. The closure wasn’t an IGA decision, as they merely lease Village Pharmacy its retail space.

Village Pharmacy is owned by the Falls Compounding Pharmacy in historic Snoqualmie, which is not closing and will continue with its compounding business, but it does not fill prescriptions.

According to one Village Pharmacy pharmacist, employees were notified of the impending closure on Friday, July 5, 2013. When asked, “Why?” the employee shrugged her shoulders and commented that although they are busy, due to the way insurance companies now reimburse, the pharmacy is losing money on a lot of prescriptions which makes it hard to afford the retail space.

That same employee said that a notification mailer should be sent to customers.

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  • I loved this pharmacy. Terry is a great guy, wonderful pharmacist and a pleasure to do business with him. I’m sad, but not surprised. My insurance company only allows us to go to certain contracted pharmacies — and the ONLY one in the Valley is at QFC. The insurance company also has their own pharmacy which offers mail order at a reduced cost for most prescriptions. It’s common for all insurance companies to contract with large pharmacies for mail order. Thus, they force out the small pharmacist.
    I’m sad to see them go.

  • I agree. I have been going to them for 10 years and they are always very nice and helpful. They will be missed.

  • It’s too bad. But I am not surprised. There has been a lot of business turnaround since we moved to The Ridge two years ago.

  • Living Snoqualmie