VIDEO | Valley Elk Herd in Action, Halting Morning Traffic

Thursday morning around 7:45, I got the chance to enjoy the Snoqualmie Valley elk herd up close. They didn’t dash out at me. In fact, I am convinced the herd is quite polite and may have learned to follow safety rules when it comes to crossing the street.

As I approached the herd at their frequent spot near 202 between Snoqualmie and North Bend, I noticed they were REALLY close to the road… so I slowed down, as did the vehicle approaching in the other direction.

Honestly, I am always looking for the herd in this area because I am slightly paranoid about hitting one, getting hurt and destroying my car.

Will they or won’t they cross the highway was my first thought. And it’s like they sensed we were waiting for them, as the leaders of the pack (two of them) cautiously waited for traffic to stop and then gingerly crossed the road.

And once the leaders went the rest slowly followed – and there were A LOT of them.

The sky was a beautiful pink. The sun was rising. Traffic was backed up, but nobody seemed to care. There was no honking, no impatience. We all just sat and watched nature on perfect display.

And as I am never without my phone, I tested out the camera on the new iPhone 6 and set it all to video – complete with the beautiful pink Snoqualmie Valley sky.

So here you go: VIDEO of the Snoqualmie Valley elk herd up close, personal and carefully enjoying a stroll across the highway – HERE.

And it WAS a perfect morning for a stroll in the Snoqualmie Valley!

Elk heard crossing SR 202 between Snoqualmie and North Bend, 1/15/2015.
Elk heard crossing SR 202 between Snoqualmie and North Bend, 1/15/2015.


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  • Thank you for posting this video. Grampa Dennis’ birthday today and how he loved the elk. Every early morning for years was spent watching these beautiful animals. Makes me smile today.

    1. Ah… Joan… that makes me even happier to know that. Happy birthday to Grampa Dennis! I hope you are doing well. ~ Danna

  • All right! Time for some elk steaks! Think it’s a good time to get the 30-30 in the car just in case of another sighting. Thanks for the tip!

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