Video | Trail cam captures adorable bear cub wrestling match near Fall City

If you live in the Snoqualmie Valley, then you know bears are a common site – especially this year, where they seem to have started visiting neighborhood streets in search of food (i.e. garbage cans) earlier than normal.

What you might not get a chance to see very often is bears just being bears in the woods.

Jerry and Melinda Koethe, who reside near Fall City, shared some not-often-seen footage of these adorable bear cubs with BearSmart WA. Their backyard trail camera recorded these two guys in a wrestling match.

BearSmart volunteer Melissa Grant said the cubs are most likely about  6 -7 months old, as they are usually born toward the end of hibernation between January and March. She estimated they are about as large as a medium-sized dog.

You can follow BearSmart WA on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about how to keep our local bear population healthy and safe – and report bear sightings which they track in order to work with wildlife agencies in the state.


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