Video | Tokul Roundabout Nearing Completion, Take a Ride-along on re-designed Tokul Road

As the Tokul Roundabout project nears completion, part of the work that had a section of Tokul Road closed near SR 202 since last summer is now finished.

Part of Tokul Road is now redesigned and instead of intersecting diagonally with SR 202 near Snoqualmie Falls Park, it feeds into the new roundabout which will feed into SR 202 when completed.

New section of Tokul Road that feeds into the new roundabout near Snoqualmie Falls.
New section of Tokul Road that feeds into the new roundabout near Snoqualmie Falls.


Tokul Road re-opened near SR 202, Roundabout Nears Completion

Tokul Road re-opened in both directions in early February, but to access it drivers need to follow the detour off of SR 202 and Millpond Road. Residents of the area had been using 396th as a [long] detour since the project began last July.

When the full roundabout project is finished, anticipated in May 2016, drivers will be able to access Tokul Road directly from the roundabout that will eventually hook into SR 202 when remaining parts of the project are completed.

The city expects a few more Tokul Road closure dates in April when the complete roundabout will be paved, and stated that residents of the area are being informed of those upcoming dates.

According to the City of Snoqualmie website, Tokul Roundabout will eliminate the two intersections of SR 202 and SE Tokul Road and SR202 and SE Mill Pond Road, where the existing road geometry does not meet current safety standards and is extensively used by heavy trucks traveling from SR 202 to the sand and gravel mine located near the former Weyerhaeuser mill site.

This week we drove the new section of Tokul road as it approaches the new roundabout. Here’s some video ride-along footage of that short drive heading down Tokul Road along the new section that feeds into the roundabout.



Tokul roundabout, anticipated to be complete in May 2016.
Tokul roundabout, anticipated to be complete in May 2016.


Schematic of Tokul Roundabout
Schematic of Tokul Roundabout



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  • Like it or not this is a fantastic solution to four bad intersections that have out grown their safe and effective use.

  • When will the Tokul Creek bridge be open on the Snoqualmie Trail?

  • I cannot see how this new traffic circle will help the problem of left turns from 202 into the Salish and Puget Energy Park or returns onto 202. It appears to primarily benefit increased traffic from Muckleshoot development along the Tokul road.

  • Hmm. Was this really necessary? I drive through this intersection twice a day. A simple set of traffic lights plus some minor road redesign would have accomplished the same objective – at a much lower cost. Plus avoided all this confrontation that now leaves Snoqualmie divided.

  • Living Snoqualmie