VIDEO | Snoqualmie Falls Roars During Phase 4 River Flooding

In case you were curious what Snoqualmie Falls looked like Monday, January 5, 2014, during another Pineapple Express phase 4 river flooding event, we’ve go you covered.

The beauty of Snoqualmie Falls is breathtaking on any day, but it is especially impressive and ominous during Snoqualmie River flood events. If you head out to see the Falls, be aware to bring your umbrella. The mist is soaking!

Snoqualmie River remained at phase 4 flood levels late Monday afternoon. A flood warning is in place until early Tuesday morning, January 6, 2015.

See Snoqualmie Falls roaring HERE.

falls 1:5:15
Snoqualmie Falls, January 5, 2015, during phase 4 Snoqualmie River flood event


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