VIDEO | What a Show! Snoqualmie’s inaugural Fireworks Show gets Rave Reviews

When Snoqualmie decided to ban aerial fireworks after a home was destroyed by a huge, fireworks-caused fire two years ago, the decision was met with disappointment by many residents.  But in addition to the controversial ban, the city said it would also work with organizers to create a professional fireworks display to help create a new 4th of July tradition in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Any you know what?  It all came together last night…. after months of hard work by volunteer organization Serve Snoqualmie – and lots of donations from local businesses and community members.

Hundreds of families descended on Snoqualmie Community Park last night for the inaugural show called Red White and Boom, and to the delight of fireworks fans, lasted close to 30 minutes.

It was exactly what organizers had envisioned – a huge community gathering under the stars and well, some clouds this year. As summarized by resident Tessa Woodyard, “The streets were pretty crowded..but still lots of access through the neighborhood, and lots of parking throughout. LOTS of seating on the lawn and every seat felt like a front row seat.”

Tessa’s sentiment was echoed by many on social media.  It seems a new tradition has begun. Thanks to all who worked diligently to bring Red White and Boom to the Snoqualmie Valley sky.

Enjoy a short clip of the 2016 Snoqualmie Fireworks Show, courtesy of Tessa Woodyard.



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  • We LOVED the celebration on the Ridge this year. Thank you to all who helped put it together!!

  • Thank you, Snoqualmie, for an amazing fireworks display and for bringing the community together to share it!!! What took you so long?

  • What a great show! Thanks to all that donated their time and energy to providing Snoqualmie with such a wonderful experience.

  • Living Snoqualmie