VIDEO | Need a Push? Snoqualmie Valley elk enjoys a backyard swing

It seems local bears having been getting all the spotlight this fall – being captured in numerous videos and photos as they explore Snoqualmie Valley backyards, ponds and streets.

But one of the most iconic Snoqualmie Valley wildlife is getting in on the exposure now. The elk…and beyond just the beautiful pictures while grazing at Meadowbrook Farm in the shadow of Mount Si or crossing SR 202.

North Bend resident Natalie Pietzyk said the elk herd – along with lots of other wildlife – visit her home area every year. She resides on 15 acres of land near Rattlesnake Lake and said it’s a pretty regular occurrence for the elk to take on their backyard swing set.

This year she captured it on video and he even stopped to pose.

A cat playing with a string kind of comes to mind – but on a larger scale and with antlers instead of kitty claws.

Thanks for sharing Natalie.


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