Valentine's Day Spirit Alive Along Highway 202; Love Professed With Signage

If you were driving along Highway 202 between Snoqualmie and North Bend today, February 14th, you may have noticed some Valentine’s Day spirit – and the art of professing love for everyone to see – and in a cute way.

Stuck to consecutive telephone poles lining the busy highway were four “poetic” spray painted signs – letting one special fiance know how happy  their soon-to-be spouse is to be marrying them – their forever Valentine.

I sure hope the person for whom the signs were intended didn’t take an alternate driving route today.

Happy Valentine’s Day Snoqualmie Valley!




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  • I saw these today but am disappointed that you didn’t include the fact that this was confessed love between two women. Very displeased on you gay marriage stance.

    1. Hi Ryan. I had no idea who they were for until you and Kylie left comments here… which was why it wasn’t included in the story. For me the story was about a public declaration of love on Valentine’s Day. Congratulations to the couple!

  • This was done for me by my fiancé. We are a same sex couple and while we were excited to be noticed we cannot help but be upset that one of the posters wasn’t put on here. I’m assuming its because your not ok with gay marriage therefor by not putting it on their it could look as though it was a heterosexual couple… Shame on you

    1. Hi Kylie. It had actually nothing to do with my stance on gay marriage… only the fact that I am ill and was in bed early last night when the comment came in. All comments get held for moderation to check for spam. I am up now and just getting to my email. How I feel about those signs and their declaration, as I wrote about in the story, doesn’t change for me based on whom the signs were for or who made them. Congratulations.

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